NBC News refuses to cover its own crew being attacked

For left-wing NBC News and its sister cable network, MSNBC, if you ignore a problem, it never happened. During a protest in Washington, D.C. this week, an angry mob attacked an NBC News crew shortly after midnight. But NBC and MSNBC both refused to cover the incident, and pretended it never happened even though the harrowing scene was shared on a viral video posted by the Daily Caller‘s Shelby Talcott. The video shows enraged protesters surrounding the NBC News crew and then chasing them when they ran away. One cameraman fell to the ground. At some point, several Read More

‘We need to hide that s**t’: Project Veritas exposes Antifa’s

An Antifa operative reveals that the domestic terrorist organization wants to destroy the United States from within. (screenshot)Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. A shocking undercover video by Project Veritas exposes Antifa’s chilling plot to destroy America from the inside-out and to harass and provoke Trump supporters in the process. Project Veritas is an independent media outlet founded by James O’Keefe. In the four-minute exposé, an Antifa operative reveals that he was with the Rose City Park, Oregon branch of the domestic terrorist organization for some time. He has Read More

Antifa thugs run away after townfolks ‘beat the ever-loving snot

Antifa thugs got stomped after trying to invade the suburbs in Yucaipa, California. (screenshot)A group of Antifa thugs scurried away like cowards after being confronted by local residents of suburban Yucaipa, California. The scene was captured on video by an unidentified man and was first reported by author Todd Starnes. The videographer narrated: “They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys. The Antifa guys are not doing well at all here. They’re getting the sh*t kicked out of them.” The video shows a group of Antifa thugs and local residents brawling at a Read More

Brain-washed whites convulsing from White Guilt make pledge of allegiance

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. White leftists in Maryland publicly humiliated and prostrated themselves by making a groveling pledge of allegiance to black people in a cult-like ceremony. Hundreds of white people convulsing from pathological White Guilt gathered in front of the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Maryland on Tuesday. There, they dutifully recited a pledge of allegiance to black people by mindlessly chanting the words spoken by their black master: “[I will not] allow racism, anti-blackism or violence. I will use my voice in the most uplifting way possible and Read More

New York Times caves to outrage mob, changes headline deemed

The New York Times changed this accurate cover after triggered leftists complained that it was too pro-Trump. (screenshot)The left-wing New York Times caved to mob bullying by changing its front-page cover after triggered leftists whined that it was too pro-Trump. The original, benign headline read: “As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows to ‘End It Now.” After Democrats like “Bronx Bolshevik” Alexandria Ocasio Cortez slammed it for being too favorable to Trump, the New York Times changed its headline to a menacing tone: “Trump Threatens to Send Troops Into States.” The brouhaha erupted Monday night after the New York Times’ print Read More

Guts! Pelosi, Clinton and Schumer triggered by Trump’s boss-walk to

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. President Trump visited St. John’s Church after leftist rioters set it on fire. (screenshot)Senator Marco Rubio defended President Trump for visiting St. John’s Episcopal Church after leftists set fire to it the previous day during the mass riots and looting that occurred in Democrat-run cities across the country. President Trump walked out the front door of the White House like a boss into Lafayette Square — where left-wing protesters were harassing police and trashing property — to visit historic St. John’s Church. Senator Rubio Read More

Black journalist: Race riots are based on a lie that

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley says the nationwide race riots following George Floyd’s death are based on a lie — gleefully fomented by the left-wing media — that there has been a surge in white cops killing black men. In reality, Riley said these incidents have dropped dramatically over the past 50 years. However, because of the sloppy “blanket media coverage” of these racially-charged incidents — and the over-the-top amplification they get on social media — Americans are being brainwashed into believing they’re more prevalent than they really Read More

Joe ‘You ain’t black’ Biden exploits race riots to tokenize

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. Democrat Joe Biden (a.k.a. – “You Ain’t Black”) used the nationwide race riots ignited by the left-wing media to callously exploit a black man as a token in an opportunistic photo op to pander for black votes. (screenshot)Joe Biden crawled out of his basement to opportunistically tokenize a “Black Lives Matter” protester for a contrived photo op to shamelessly pander for black votes while the nation burned. Biden made a brief visit Sunday to the site of a “Black Lives Matter” protest that Read More

Hero security guard whisks in to disarm rioter who stole

A brave security guard disarmed a thug who stole an AR-15 rifle from a police car during the Seattle riots. (screenshots)Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. A hero security officer who works for Q13 Fox News in Seattle disarmed a thug who stole an AR-15 rifle from a police car that was torched during the mass riots in Democrat-run cities around the country. The video shows two abandoned cars that were vandalized and on fire. At one point, a masked rioter triumphantly flaunts an AR-15 rifle and brags about it to Read More

Mayor falsely claims rioters are out-of-town white supremacists; Gutfeld says

Democratic Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey falsely claimed that the rioters and looters who trashed their own neighborhoods were out-of-town “white supremacists.” This is a lie. (YouTube screenshot)Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. Jacob Frey, the beleaguered Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, parroted the left-wing talking point that the rioters and looters who burned down stores and vandalized property last week were “white supremacists” and “out-of-state instigators.” Frey made the inane claims despite a report showing that 86% of those arrested for arson and vandalism were in-state residents. On Saturday, Minnesota’s Democratic governor Read More