Carlson, Logan Slam Media's Myopic Coverage of Coronavirus

Leading off his eponymous Fox News show on Tuesday with a montrage of liberal media hypocrisy on coronavirus lockdowns, Tucker Carlson brought on veteran journalist Lara Logan to further excoriate the liberal media for showing anger and disapproval with the reopening of America and people daring to leave their homes. Logan stressed the importance of looking “at the whole context of something” and argued that the media have failed to do amid the pandemic.Carlson correctly summarized CNN and MSNBC as “not bringing you science and data; they’re peddling panic and reckless moral judgment and it’s having an Read More

Ex-CBS News Prez to Media: Be 'Honest' With Your 'Embrace

Three months ago, Former CBS News President Van Gordon Sauter appeared at a California forum and declared that “liberal bias is increasingly embedded in the journalism as a result of the Trump experience and it’s accelerating and deepening the wedge in our society.” Sauter doubled down on his analysis in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal Monday; titled “The ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Has Passed Its Tipping Point.” In addition to pointing out the obvious, Sauter urged the media to openly embrace its liberal bias, rather than hide behind the pretense of objectivity.Sauter began the piece by paraphrasing Read More

Mitchell Contrasts Trump's 'Awful' Record on Race Issues With Biden's

Appearing as a panelist on Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell acted more as a Democratic strategist than a journalist. She did her best to do damage control for beleaguered presidential candidate Joe Biden, who stepped in it by telling radio host Charlamagne tha God that “you ain’t black” if you consider voting for President Trump. Mitchell quickly changed the subject by contrasting Trump’s “awful” record on race relations with Biden’s.The segment began with host Chuck Todd playing a clip of Biden’s appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”  After playing a Read More

Moore: Removing Trump From Office Will be 'the Best Eviction

Far-left documentary maker Michael Moore appeared on Friday’s edition of Real Time and not surprisingly, Moore and host Bill Maher spent their entire conversation spouting off left-wing talking points and conspiracy theories. Moore claimed that Republicans can only win elections by cheating and attributed President Trump’s animosity towards the state leadership in Michigan to racism and sexism. Both Moore and Maher shared the concern that Trump would refuse to leave office if he loses re-election and issued a call to action to “remove this mother***er from the White House.”After warning that the President could still win Read More

Milbank: 'If Trump Likes Hydroxychloroquine, He'll Love Camel Urine'

In case you didn't get it yet, The Washington Post really hates Donald Trump. The paper on Tuesday published a Dana Milbank column that sarcastically proclaimed: “If Trump likes hydroxychloroquine, he’ll love camel urine.” The contents of the article made it perfectly clear that Milbank should seek some type of experimental drug that might cure Trump Derangement Syndrome.Channeling his inner Joy Behar, Milbank began by announcing that he “deduced last month that he (Trump) was taking high doses of the anti-malarial drug, because he was showing obvious side effects of the hydroxychloroquine cocktail he had been taking: Read More

MSNBC Analyst: Trump is a 'Public Health Hazard' to American

Just three weeks after MSNBC analyst Dr. Irwin Redlener compared President Trump to mass suicide-leading cult leader Jim Jones, he appeared on MSNBC Live and picked up where he left off. This time, Redlener, the Director of Columbia University’s National Center for Disaster Preparedness, described the President as a “personal public health hazard to the citizens of this country.”The discussion focused on President Trump’s decision to take hydroxychloroquine in an effort to protect him from contracting the coronavirus. Redlener and host Nicolle Wallace made it perfectly clear that they did not approve. Redlener asked “is it possible Read More

CNN's Collins Scolds Trump for Not Wearing Mask, Rips Off

(UPDATE at bottom of blog.)Donald Trump gave a presidential press conference from the Rose Garden on Friday, updating the American public on the development of a vaccine for Coronavirus. During the press conference, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins seemed perturbed that some people speaking from behind the podium, including the President, were not wearing a mask. Based on her line of questioning, it would seem as if Collins saw wearing a mask as a matter of utmost importance. So why did she rip it off right and stand close to other journalists?  Collins asked the President “why are some of Read More

Lemon Scolds Polis for Inviting Musk to Relocate to Colorado

Earlier this week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) had a message for Tesla founder Elon Musk, who threatened to move his company’s headquarters out of California after local health officials prevented him from reopening his factory. Taking to Twitter, Polis told Musk “we want you here.” This did not sit well with CNN Tonight Don Lemon, who scolded Polis on Wednesday night for rolling out the welcome mat for the “defiant” Musk.Lemon admonished the liberal Democrat for inviting Musk to relocate his factory to Colorado “after he announced that he would defy orders to reopen the Tesla plant Read More

Gutfeld Scorches 'Broken' Media in EPIC Monologue

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld delivered a scathing monologue on media mistrust during Thursday’s edition of The Five. He spoke about “a new poll about the reliability of journalists” that “comes from Pew, which makes sense because it stinks for the press.” After illustrating the reasons why the American public does not trust the media, Gutfeld described the media as “broken” and slammed them for their pathetic lack of self-awareness.The poll found that only nie percent of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the media. Gutfeld showed multiple montages illustrating why the public’s mistrust of Read More