Amid Pandemic, FNC Continues to Embarrass CNN, MSNBC in Ratings

While the coronavirus pandemic has upended television programming and viewing in a litany of ways, one thing has remained the same, which has been the Fox News Channel's domance as the most-watched network in the cable TV industry.FNC also continued its beatdown of liberal rivals MSNBC and CNN in total day numbers, primetime ratings, and the coveted advertising viewership of people between 25 years of age and 54 years old. According to an FNC press release with data coming from Nielsen Media Research, the network "advanced its streak" over the competition "to 20 straight weeks in total day Read More

Columnist Would Vote for Biden Even If 'He Boiled Babies

You can't make this stuff up, folks. It's already been established that journalists in the media don't want to talk about the sex assault claims against Joe Biden. But one liberal columnist went farther, stating she would vote for former Vice President Joe Biden even if "he boiled babies and ate them.”According to an article posted by Charlie Nash of the website on Thursday, Katha Pollitt of The Nation weekly magazine stated: I would vote for Joe Biden even if I believed [sexual assault accuser Tara] Reade’s account. Fortunately, I don’t Read More

Humorless Scolds in Press Bash Ben Sasse's Commencement Speech

May is when most schools celebrate the end of an academic year by hosting commencement ceremonies featuring speeches made by guest speakers giving students advice on how to remain successful after graduation. However, the humorless scolds at The Washington Post and other outlets weren't happy with Ben Sasse's jokes during his speech, deeming the address "narrow-minded and just plain wrong." The remarks made on Saturday by the Nebraska Senator during the ceremony at Fremont High School (where he graduated in 1990) offend their fragile sensibilities. According to an article posted by Karen Townsend, a writer for HorAir.Read More

Fox News Meteorologist UNLEASHES on Andrew Cuomo, Liberal Media

While Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean is usually known for her sunny disposition, she has done her best this week to rain on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s parade. Dean is also pointing out the how the mainstream media has been covering for the Democratic governor’s disastrous nursing home decision in New York. The reason for the torrent was that she learned her elderly in-laws had died due to complications from the coronavirus pandemic while being treated at long-term care facilities adhering to policies approved by Cuomo.  Here's what the Fox News meteorologist tweted on Sunday:  According Read More

Taxpayer-Funded PBS Stations Are Airing Pro-China Propaganda

It's bad enough when our Public Broadcasting Service hails liberal presidents and trashes conservative ones. We've had PBS do adoring documentaries on dictators like Fidel Castro. Now California stations are running a documentary connected to communist China.The hour-long film, which is entitled Voices From the Frontline: China’s War on Poverty, didn’t reveal its connection to the government when it discussed Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “poverty alleviation program.” According to an article posted on Thursday by Chuck Ross, an investigative reporter with the Dally Caller website: [California] PBS affiliates KOCE and KCET received more than $5.5 Read More

CNN Cheers CNN Poll Saying CNN Is 'Most Trusted!' CNN

CNN has some very exciting news to tell you about CNN. According to a CNN poll, CNN is the "most trusted news source" on cable TV. Who better to trust than CNN when talking about how great CNN is? In order to boost its prestige, the cable news channel had to conduct its own poll, which of course produced good numbers and a high percentage of “trust” among those surveyed. According to an article posted on Thursday by Brandon Morse, a senior editor with the website: CNN wants you to know that they took a poll, Read More

CNN's Van Jones Plays Dumb as Panel on Corona-Racism Is

As journalists have come under attack for accepting and forwarding Chinese propaganda about the coronavirus they unleashed from Wuhan, the National Association of Black Journalists was forced on Tuesday to cancel a panel discussion with CNN host Van Jones and former CNN analyst Roland Martin on the "rise of misinformation" on the virus when it became controversial due to its financial backer -- Huawei, a telecom giant connected to the Chinese communist government that's been indicted for racketerring and conspiracy to steal trade secrets. In a statement, the NABJ explained/complained: "It had come under attack Read More

Fox's Roberts Slams ABC’s Karl Over ‘Shaming’ for Not Wearing

The senior White House correspondents for two news organizations clashed on Monday, when John Roberts of the Fox News Channel and Jonathan Karl from ABC News got into a “Twitter fight.”The reason for the feud was Karl’s accusation that Roberts was not wearing a face mask in the Rose Garden before a press conference that afternoon and was trying to "shame" him. It started: “Almost everybody in the Rose Garden is wearing a mask -- almost everybody.” The ABC News correspondent included four pictures of the scene, which showed Roberts not wearing a face mask at Read More