BUSTED: MSNBC Cameraman Not Wearing a Mask During Mask Lecture

Some journalists like to lecture you. But they don't necessarily like it when you expose their hypocrisy. That dynamic was on display on Memorial Day as MSNBC journalist Cal Perry reported live from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. When he pointed at someone who was not wearing a face mask, the man shot back, "Including the cameraman."Here's the video: Here's the transcript of the exchange:  CAL PERRY: That's the situation here. There doesn't seem to be any social distancing and not a lot of care when it comes to the coronavirus, Katy.  KATY TUR: Read More

Chris Cillizza Displays Incredibly Poor Timing on Amy Klobuchar Hype

CNN's Chris Cillizza might want to reconsider his Amy Klobuchar hype. It's not too late for a major revision.At 4:34 PM ET on Thursday, CNN's Chris Cillizza had his vice presidential rankings published. It is something Cillizza has done for the past few weeks in which the women that apparent Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden might pick are ranked as to their order of probability of being chosen. For the past few weeks, Senator Amy Klobuchar has settled in at second spot right behind Senator Kamala Harris in first place. However, Cillizza also added a bit of Read More

DeSantis Slams Media for Wildly Wrong Florida Coronavirus Predictions

One governor made the mistake of ordering coronavirus patients back into their nursing homes resulting in almost 5000 deaths in those facilities in his state. The other governor took measures that resulted in a not only a flattening of the coronavirus cases curve but a general decline despite his state having a large elderly population.So who do you think the media lavished praise upon while heaping scorn upon the other? Strangely enough it was the former governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York, who despite the high death rate in New York receives velvet glove treatment while the latter governor, Ron Read More

Milbank's Bunk: Georgia Defies Liberal 'Death Destination' Predictions

Georgia became an "experiment in human sacrifice" and "leads the race to become America's no. 1 Death Destination." Those were among the many warnings from the mainstream media in April in reaction to the announcement by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp lifting many of the lockdown restrictions on April 24 that had been imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak.  Of course, you won't be seeing much of those doom and gloom predictions now since, nearly a month later, those dire prognostications simply did not come to pass. In fact, Georgia, along with other states such as Florida, Read More

Columnist Wants an 'Executive Editor' for 3 Billion Facebook Users!?

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan acknowledged Facebook has never three billion users, but she still wants it to have an "Executive Editor" to punish and censor the "misinformation" that is harming our democracy. The fact that Facebook's new Oversight Board has only two out of twenty members who are conservative does not seem to impress Sullivan. Sullivan asserted in her Friday column, "Facebook has a huge truth problem. A high-priced ‘oversight board’ won’t fix it." That "truth problem" starts with allowing Donald Trump to be elected. [I]t seemed Read More

CNBC Founder: Send Joe Biden to Weeks of Coherency Boot

Although neither the words "incoherent" nor "not coherent" appear in a Monday Newsweek column by CNBC founder Tom Rogers, it is apparent that he is worried that the apparent Democrat presidential nominee, Joe Biden, lacks the coherency to defeat President Donald Trump in November. You can see Rogers' coherency fear about Biden right from the start in the column title, "WORDS MATTER. AND JOE BIDEN NEEDS TO USE HIS BETTER."Rogers starts out with his hopeful belief that Trump can be defeated in November. However, he follows that up with his horrible fear that Read More

Does YouTube Consider CCP to Be an 'Authoritative Source?'

We already know that YouTube considers the World Health Organization to be an 'authoritative source' to the extent that it will remove (censor) videos that run counter to the views promoted that organization by labeling such videos as "misinformation." However, the real question should be does YouTube also consider the Chinese Communist Party as an "authoritative source" in light of the fact that it is becoming increasingly apparent, even to liberal news outlets, that WHO is dominated by the CCP?  Domination to the extent that nothing that runs counter to CCP progaganda is allowed to be Read More

Journalists Complain That They Can't Handle Four More Years of

Journalists have just given voters a terrific reason to re-elect Trump...to watch their hilarious angst.  Jeremy Barr in Saturday's Hollywood Reporter has chronicled the whining by the press at the prospect of being forced to cover four more years of Donald Trump in the Oval Office.It is obvious, though they lamely try to hide it to no avail, that most of the Washington press corps suffers from extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome and the idea of continuing to cover Trump for another term has sent them into complete despair. So for many voters, casting their ballots for Trump Read More

YouTube Top Official Mocks Content Creators 'In Their Basement'

Every YouTube employee should get down on their knees and thank the video creators, mostly working from home, for making that site an enormous success over the years. Instead, the attitude emanating from YouTube recently has been one of denigration and mockery of those same creators in favor of promoting mainstream media channels despite the fact that YouTube has grown primarily because viewers wanted an alternative to the MSM output.The latest example of a YouTube official sneering at the very creators who brought them to the table of success comes in the form of YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Read More