Politico Upset at Florida Gov. DeSantis, 'Hydroxychloroquine Pitchman'

There now seems to be a magic word that triggers many liberals including those who work at Politico. And that magic word is "hydroxychloroquine." Why? After all the early reports from doctors around the world reveal that it can be an effective treatment for coronavirus. So what's not to like? Well, President Donald Trump, that's who.Since the Orange Man has stated that hydroxychloroquine could be a great aid in treating coronavirus, liberals reflexively reacted that it must be bad. All evidence pointing to the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine must now be written off by them as Read More

Peter Navarro Gives CNN's Berman a Hydroxychloroquine Assignment

CNN, along with MSNBC, remains one of the media bastions still remaining hostile toward the use of hydroxychloroquine. One big reason for this hostility is that President Donald Trump has been publicizing its use in the treatment of coronavirus. Therefore if the Orange Man thinks it is good, then CNN (and MSNBC) automatically think it is bad.An example of this attitude came on Monday when New Day anchor John Berman got into an argument with the Director of the  White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, Peter Navarro. Berman's ire was raised by Navarro's defense of Read More

Coronavirus: Cillizza Avoids History to Claim Trump Rewrites History

CNN's Chris Cillizza has a problem. In order for him to claim that President Donald Trump is "rewriting history" concerning his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, he has to avoid an important chunk of that history. The irony is that it turns out that Cillizza himself is the one that is rewriting history by failing to report on a important decision by Trump early in the outbreak that significantly reduced the number of coronavirus cases in the United States during the early stages.Cillizza found it so urgent to make his claim about rewriting history that he Read More

Politico Worries that Coronavirus Could Help Re-elect Trump

Politico is channeling a big fear of liberals concerning the coronavirus outbreak. Is this a fear that the deadly virus could spread exponentially? Perhaps. However, what really disturbs them is the possibility that President Donald Trump will get credit for keeping the number of cases relatively low which would make his reelection more likely.Political correspondent David Siders somehow assumes that recently the Democrats had an effective plan to "take down Trump." The headline is "How coronavirus blew up the plan to take down Trump." The subtitle reveals the anxiety: "Donald Trump’s reelection is Read More

Kathleen Parker: 'Let Andrew Cuomo Speak for America, Not Trump'

If you want to maintain job security at the Washington Post, you must adhere to the Orange Man Bad narrative- whether you are a conservative, or a "conservative" such as columnist Kathleen Parker. On Tuesday, Parker stuck to that policy by writing yet another column based on the Orange Man Bad narrative concerning the response to coronavirus "Let Andrew Cuomo speak for America, not Trump." Unfortunately for Parker, her attempt to boost Cuomo backfired on her in a most embarrassing way just a short time later. But before we get to her self-inflicted pie on the Read More

Alex Wagner's Simple Plea for 2020: 'Stay Alive, Joe Biden'

Alex Wagner, a CBS special correspondent and co-host of Showtime's political series The Circus, has a very low threshold for Joe Biden to meet in the upcoming presidential campaign: Stay alive. Yes, according to Wagner, Biden just needs to have warm blood flowing through his body to make it across the election day finish line on November 3 and hopefully that would be enough for him to score a victory against President Trump.While reading Wagner's Tuesday article in the Atlantic magazine, "Stay Alive, Joe Biden," one can't help but hear the Bee Gees singing "Read More

WashPost's Sullivan: Stop Showing Live Trump Coronavirus Briefings

Eeek! Trump's handling of the coronavirus crises is getting increasingly positive reviews from the public according to the poll numbers. Solution? The media must stop live broadcasting President Trump's coronavirus briefings.The Washington Post media columnist, Margaret Sullivan, doesn't give those positive poll numbers as the reason for her now wanting the media to stop live broadcasting of the briefings but what is the possibility that is not her motivation? How about somewhere between nil and none? Sullivan's angry tirade against those  briefings appeared on Saturday in "The media must stop live-broadcasting Trump’s dangerous, Read More

CNN Issued One Sanitized Report About Gillum's Wild Hotel Incident

CNN political commentator and former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum saw his political and media career quickly evaporate after being found by police in a Miami Beach hotel room last week with a gay male escort, an apparent overdose, crystal meth, vomiting, incoherence, and much more. Gillum announced he was entering rehab and retiring from public life for a while. The Miami Herald was brutal about this "rising star" of the Democrat Party: [E]verything Gillum built over the last quarter-century fell in scandal Friday morning with the release of the Miami Beach police report documenting the events Read More

Never Trumper: 'The Trump Presidency Is Over' Due to Coronavirus

Stand by for yet another "inflection point" in which it is finally, finally OVER for the Trump presidency. Yes, liberals and Never Trumpers thought they had reached that "inflection point" several times over the past few years of this administration but now it must really really be over for Trump due to the coronavirus. Or at least that is the latest political gospel conventional wisdom according to Never Trumper Peter Wehner, a former Bush White House aide.Wehner declared it all over in Friday's Atlantic magazine which boldly declared, "The Trump Presidency Is Over.&Read More

Washington Post's Milbank Attacks Bernie Sanders as a 'Spoiler'

Is Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank secretly working for the Trump 2020 campaign? The question has to be asked because Milbank is currently doing all he can to completely alienate Bernie Sanders supporters from the Democrat party and making it more likely that they won't be voting for Joe Biden, if he is the nominee, in November. So how is Milbank accomplishing this result? By severely castigating Bernie Sanders and labeling him a "spoiler." Milbank performed this favor for the Trump campaign on Wednesday by whining, "The Bernie Sanders spoiler campaign begins." Milbank even went so Read More