'CBS Evening News' Blasts China's Wet Markets, Shows Butchered Dogs

[Warning: The video below shows graphic images from the Wuhan, China wet market. The images show butchered animals including dogs. Viewer discretion is advised.]Finally, a broadcast network made China the target of their scorn when it came to the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Shockingly, CBS Evening News, via correspondent Ramy Inocencio, shared with viewers a scathing takedown of the origin of the outbreak: China and their infamous and disgusting wet markets. Beyond explaining why such markets were a spawning ground for disease, the segment relied heavily on graphic images to get the message across. Anchor Norah O’Donnell was clearly Read More

NBC Finds Critics of New York Preparedness, CNN Tees Up

As the death toll of the Wuhan Virus continued to climb in New York and set new grime records, many had started to criticize the state and local governments for dragging their feet in the beginning. Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News was the only evening broadcast program to direct criticism at something other than the Trump administration. A few hours later, CNN host Chris Cuomo used Prime Time to give Andrew Cuomo, his brother and governor of New York, a forum to bash those critics.NBC correspondent Gabe Gutierrez began his Wednesday report be giving the grim reality of what Read More

Nets Hype Experimental Virus Treatments, Bash Drug Boosted By Trump

If President Trump was for a Wuhan Virus treatment the liberal media wanted nothing to do with it. Over the last couple of days, the evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC have spotlighted and hyped all sorts of possible treatments for the deadly virus, including treatments that wouldn’t be ready for months. At the same time, they were bashing antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which was promoted by the President and had strong anecdotal evidence that it was effective.During Wednesday’s World News Tonight, ABC’s Dr. Jen Aston promoted a pre-trial drug that blocked the virus from attaching Read More

COVID Cuomo Blasts Trump’s Positive Messages in Crisis as ‘BULLSH*T’

CNN host Chris Cuomo was apparently under the impression that being afflicted with the Wuhan Virus gave him free rein to throw out all pretense of journalism and turn his show, Prime Time, into his personal forum to lash out at President Trump. Last week, he cast doubt on whether we could all survive the crisis under Trump’s leadership. Then on Tuesday, he blasted the President’s positive messaging as “bullsh*t” (uncensored).“Stop ignoring the facts. For political advantage. Get real. The past is over. There can be no more letting politics reinforce our worst instincts,” he declared Read More

CBS, NBC Tout End of Wuhan Lockdown, Downplay China ‘Fudging'

Despite China being responsible for mass death around the globe because of their Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News spent part of their Tuesday airtime cheering for the end of the Wuhan, China lockdown. NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel went so far as to protect the communist regime and suggest there were mere “accusations” they were “fudging” numbers.“Where it all began in Wuhan, China. Today, the government lifted its quarantines after more than 10 weeks of complete lockdown,” Engel praised, as he translated for a woman who was excited to eat noodles again. Read More

CNN's Tapper Insists He Wasn’t Calling Trump ‘Insane’ With Retweet

Jake Tapper, host of CNN’s The Lead and State of the Union, had to respond to serious scrutiny about his journalistic credibility and judgment Tuesday morning after this author and others called him out for retweeting an unsubstantiated allegation that President Trump was “100% insane.” In his weak defense, Tapper played the dishonest “RTs do not nec. = agreement” card. The retweet had since been deleted and reposted as a quote-tweet with commentary.The Monday night retweet that drew questions to Tapper’s credibility and judgment was a common anti-Trump comment made by George Conway, who only got liberal media attention Read More

U.S. Press Disgusted Trump Grilled Hong Kong Reporter on China

At Monday’s coronavirus press conference, President Trump sparred with a female reporter from the Hong Kong-based news outlet, Phoenix TV. Following her question that portrayed China as heroes coming to the aid of the United States, the President pressed her on who she worked for and whether they were in league with the communist regime. This drew outcry from American reporters such as PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and CNN national security correspondent Vivian Salama.“Last week, there were multiple flights coming from China for medical supplies, companies like Huawei and Alibaba have donated to the United States. Read More

Harbingers of DOOM: CBS Decries Trump’s Messages of HOPE in

President Trump drew the ire of the CBS Evening News and White House correspondent Weijia Jiang on Monday for daring to keep American spirits up, and letting them know there was “light at the end of the tunnel.” Citing unnamed “experts,” Jiang decried Trump’s optimism by claiming the country wasn’t even in the tunnel yet.A swing and a miss. The failed rebuke of the common idiom made no sense since not being in a tunnel essentially meant the country wasn’t going through a crisis at all. Despite the fact that we already knew and expected the Read More

CNN’s Tapper Beclowns Himself With Rant Suggesting Trump Doing Nothing

CNN host Jake Tapper concluded Sunday’s State of the Union with a self-righteous rant he thought was going to make President Trump look like he was doing nothing to combat the coronavirus. Instead, Tapper came off as foolish since many of the supposedly tough questions that had no good answers actually did have answers, ones that CNN would like to be kept hidden from their liberal viewer base.It was clear things were going to take on a deeply vicious and vindictive tone when Tapper began his ramblings with this line: “If I can take a moment, I would Read More

ABC Asks Biden to Blame Virus Deaths on Trump, Ignores

Not long after they had insisted President Trump treated the coronavirus press briefings as though they were “a reality TV show,” ABC and chief anchor George Stephanopoulos invited former Vice President Joe Biden onto This Week to buoy his oxygen-less campaign. One of the softballs the Clinton lackey tossed to Biden encouraged him to blame Trump for the deaths caused by the coronavirus.While the crisis was only part of their discussion, Stephanopoulos steered clear of the recent sexual assault allegations against his guest. Something he was used to doing from his time in the Clinton White House.On the Read More