Scarborough Tells Rush Limbaugh: 'Go Bag Groceries' at Supermarket

On today's Morning Joe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough told Rush Limbaugh: "Go to your local Publix and bag groceries. Lead by example by going to a local grocery and bagging groceries. You can do it today." Nice, Joe. As his countless fans here are well aware, Rush is a senior citizen with Stage 4 lung cancer.  So what was Rush's crime that prompted Scarborough to make his macabre suggestion? Suggesting that President Trump should make plans to get the economy restarted, "to give people optimism . . . to move toward normalcy." Mika Brzezinski seconded Scarborough's ghoulish Read More

MSNBC Hypes Attack on 'Right-Wing Clone' of Trump, Tucker Carlson

On his Fox News show last night, Tucker Carlson noted that experts, including Dr. Zeke Emanuel [of the hard-left Center for American Progress], are saying society cannot return to normal for at least 18 months. Carlson pointed out how wrong those same experts have been when it came to projecting hospitalization rates, needed numbers of ventilators, etc.On today's Morning Joe, Emanuel called Carlson a "right-wing clone" of President Trump, and whined that Tucker was "attacking" him. Emanuel claimed he was merely promoting "physical distancing."  Here are the transcripts. Fox News ChannelTucker Carlson Tonight4/7/208:11 Read More

Morning Joe: Trump Will Refuse to Accept Election Result If

Today's Morning Joe came close to accusing President Trump of plotting a coup d'etat to remain in office if he loses the election in November.The President has been openly critical of the loosened vote-by-mail measures that Democrats have proposed, suggesting that vote-by-mail facilitates voter fraud. Since the individual states control voting rules, many states are likely to adopt such measures in time for the November election. Joe Scarborough suggested to John Heilemann that Trump's criticism of vote-by-mail indicates that he is  "preparing already to undermine any results that may be unfavorable to him in the Read More

Tucker: Mika's Claim Trump Has Financial Stake in New Drug

On Monday, we called Mika Brzezinski's claim that President Trump is in essence on the take regarding hydroxychloroqine "perhaps the most explosive accusation yet against President Trump made by a liberal media member."On his Fox News show last night, Tucker Carlson blasted Brzezinski along similar lines: "That's paranoid, and crazy, and stupid. In the middle of a national crisis to say something like that on your stupid television show is totally wrong." Carlson began the segment by making a fascinating observation: the media and political establishment consider it perfectly reasonable to take the Read More

Tinfoil Mika: Trump Promotes Drug So Much He Must Have

In perhaps the most explosive accusation yet against President Trump made by a liberal media member regarding the coronavirus, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski has accused the president of having a "financial tie" to someone that leads to him to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus.Brzezinski's accusation is tantamount to an allegation that President Trump is on the take. In the opening segment of today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough no fewer than five times referred to hydroxychloroquine as an "unproven drug." At one point, Scarborough took things emphatically further, flatly asserting Read More

Joy Reid Wonders: Could FNC Be Sued for Misleading Viewers

There's the "novel coronavirus"—and then there's the "novel legal theory" concerning it floated by Joy Reid, pursuant to which Fox News could somehow be legally liable for the death of its viewers from the virus. So much for all the alarm in the liberal media about legal punishments for news organizations in the Trump era. On her MSNBC show today, Reid played a clip from her March 29th show in which longtime Fox foe and MSNBC contributor Gabriel Sherman (now a correspondent for Vanity Fair) claimed that Fox News "insiders" had Read More

Gillibrand Blames 'Institutional Racism' for High POC Virus Rates

We can now add the coronavirus to the ongoing saga of "everything is racist." On her MSNBC show this morning, Joy Reid, speaking with failed presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, noted that the rates of coronavirus infections and deaths are disproportionately high among African-Americans. Replying, Gillibrand blamed it on "institutional racism," in both health care and our economy.  Ironically, just moments before, Gillibrand was overflowing with praise for the health care system: "My heart goes out to those health care workers and nurses and doctors who are literally putting their lives on the line every Read More

Mika Makes Case for Obama Aide's Demand That Trump Should

On Thursday's Morning Joe, former Obama aide Seth Harris said that if he were advising President Trump, "I'd ask him to resign." Harris condemned Trump as "the worst failed leader our country has ever seen," who has put us in a "catastrophic" situation. Concluded Harris: "we're really going to end up being the shame of the world."On today's show, Mika Brzezinski challenged The Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg to debunk Harris's suggestion that Trump resign. But before letting him speak, Mika unleashed a laundry list of items Read More

This Journalist Denounced Virus 'News Pollution' of Trump, Fox, Rush

Yes, pity those poor Americans who don't get their news from such sterling exemplars of objectivity and fairness like MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times . . . On today's Morning Joe, Axios,com CEO Jim VandeHei (who also co-founded Politico) addressed the relatively late issuance of lockdown orders by the governors of Florida and Georgia, and denounced the "news pollution" of President Trump, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh.  According to VandeHei, Governors DeSantis and Kemp were living inside an "information bubble" comprised of conservative sources.  VandeHei also decried what he described as a societal problem Read More

Scarborough: 'Everybody Saw This Coming in January' (De Blasio Didn't)

There's not just a coronavirus epidemic. There's apparently also an outbreak of amnesia—and we're not only talking about Joe Biden.On today's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, criticizing President Trump, said:  "We've heard, Zeke Emanuel, that nobody could have seen this coming. The fact is, everybody saw this coming. Everybody saw this coming in early January." What? Did Scarborough forget what NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Scarborough's own show on March 10th: March 10th! Here was de Blasio speaking to Morning Joe's Willie Geist: Here's the transcript of Read More