‘The New Pope’ Labels Two Popes ‘Antichrist’ and ‘Irresponsible’

Here’s the shocking revelation of the latest episode of The New Pope: the Pope is not a good person. Even though the previous season of The Young Pope made that pretty clear, the HBO series still had to hammer home that unpleasant fact. Now we’re contending with an “Antichrist” young Pope along with an “irresponsible,” “conceited,” drug addicted new Pope. The only winners here are those who don't watch the show. The February 24 “Seventh Episode” included the surprising return of Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) who had been in a coma. However, with this polarized and political Read More

Apple TV+ Docu: Television a ‘Tool’ for LGBTQ Agenda

Apple TV has truly hit the peak of progressiveness, and there’s no turning back. The five-part documentary series Visible: Out on Television spells out the true agenda behind LGBTQ representation on television. Namely, the idea that “television is at its best” when it’s being used as a tool for the gay community.All five parts, which premiered on February 14, lay out the history of LGBTQ representation on television. It begins with the first reference to homosexuality in McCarthy hearings from 1957 and moves to the present day with every major TV event in between those times. The premiere episode “Read More

No Difference Between 'Saint' and 'Whore' on 'The New Pope'

At this point, there’s little that HBO’s The New Pope can do to shock audiences anymore. It’s already ridiculed the Church, propped up needless sex, and "upgraded" the Bible. Comparing “whores” to saints or revealing pedophilia in the high ranks is almost no big deal. And that’s what makes the series worse.The February 17 “Sixth Episode” catches us up with Esther (Ludivine Sagnier), the woman who turned to prostitution to support her family at the approval of her priest. She’s still selling herself off to wealthy invalids, and the show is still trying Read More

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Rapist Wants to ‘Protect Our Borders’

NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit hasn’t touched upon immigration issues in a while, though it wasn’t shy about its view on abortions just a few months ago. But from what they’ve done before, it’s clear that the show believes that all legal and illegal immigrants are victims of the evil government and President Trump.This time around, they take things to a whole new level by accusing border defenders of being rapists as well.  The February 13 episode “I Deserve Some Loving Too” has the Special Victims Unit investigating a government employee who’s Read More

‘Cruelty Is the Point’: ‘Party of Five’ Reboot Slams Detention

Every episode of Freeform’s Party of Five can basically be boiled down to this message: illegal immigrants good, border laws bad. There’s nothing an illegal immigrant can do that’s wrong and the United States is evil and racist for trying to stop them. Case in point, this week we have a story dedicated to reminding us that “cruelty is the point” at detention centers.The February 12 episode “Speak for Yourself” has Lucia (Emily Tosta) continuing to volunteer for the illegal immigrant activist group known as Dream for Justice. This week, the group is attempting to raise money Read More

Special Live ABC Sitcom Shills for Dems 'Trying to Help'

Most people watch TV to get away from the real world and politics. Liberal shows like The Connors won’t let you forget about real-world politics for even a second. The special live episode of the ABC sitcom proved it by wasting half the episode plugging the New Hampshire primaries.The February 11 episode “Live from Lanford” takes place in real time, depicting the results of the New Hampshire primaries. In fact, the show even takes time showing real ABC News broadcasts covering the actual results, such as Bernie Sanders taking the lead and Andrew Yang eventually dropping out of the Read More

'The New Pope' Agrees to 'Upgrade Bible' for Gay Marriage

This was bound to happen eventually. The latest episode of HBO’s The New Pope now has the audacity to suggest “upgrading” the Bible and the Church to include gay marriage. Somehow, I don’t think the series that’s bashed the Church and called prostitution a “miracle” has any right to lecture Christians.The February 10 “Fifth Episode” opens with Pope John Paul III (John Malkovich) having a meeting with actress Sharon Stone, of all people. She’s another vapid celebrity that the Pope happens to be a fan of, but I suppose it’s better than someone wearing literal Read More

Trans Marathoner Wants to Compete as ‘Woman She Is’ on

Freeform seems determined to focus on transgender issues this week. First, we have the plight of transgender illegal immigrants. Now, The Bold Type wants us to feel sorry for transgender marathon runners. The marginalized community is truly growing smaller by the week.The February 6 episode “Marathon” finds the women’s magazine Scarlet covering the upcoming New York City Marathon. Social media director Kat (Aisha Dee) does her part by profiling the runners. In the process, she meets up with her transgender friend Chloe (Ianne Fields Stewart). She soon finds out that Chloe previously tried to compete in the marathon but Read More

AppleTV's ‘Little America’ Spotlights Deportation, Illegal Immigration

In the Trump era, TV and liberal media always seem to want to talk about immigration. Of course, they never seem to know the difference between legal and illegal immigration, so it usually comes off as nothing more than bashing Trump and border laws. Based on the Epic Magazine collection of stories with the same name, the Apple TV+ series Little America is sadly another example of a show being political at the expense of good characters.The series, which debuted January 17, is an anthology drama that follows eight different people and their experiences with America, immigration, and finding themselves. Read More

Gay Superhero ‘Batwoman’ Comes Out as Openly Gay in ‘Historic’

It’s 2020 and liberal television still thinks it’s a big deal to have a character be gay. It’s so important that characters outing their superhero alter egos on television is also a big deal. CW’s Batwoman goes the extra mile by “outing” Batwoman as a lesbian in the universe of the show. Apparently, that’s the latest milestone for the LGBTQ community.The January 19 episode “How Queer Everything Is Today!” has Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) searching for a cyber-terrorist. This unknown hacker was able to disrupt the Gotham City train system as well as doxx the Read More