MSNBC Slams ‘Conservative Media’ Trying to ‘Politicize’ Coronavirus

Leading off a discussion on media coverage of the coronavirus, on Friday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle quickly went to work attacking Fox News. Why? Because the competing cable channel was calling out attempts in the press to blame the Trump administration for the spread of the disease.As the screaming headline “OUTBREAK” flashed on screen, Ruhle began the segment by fretting: “The truth matters, but only when you actually see it. And if you were watching Fox News this week, whether it was in the morning or at night, you would think that the media and the Democrats are happy Read More

Time’s Alter: Resistance to Trump is Just Like Harry Potter!

Continuing to sell her pompously titled book, The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, millennial Time magazine journalist Charlotte Alter appeared on Wednesday’s CBS Late Show, aired early Thursday morning, to gush over members of the left-wing millennial resistance to President Trump. She even compared them to wizard heroes in the Harry Potter book and movie series.While promoting the book, host Stephen Colbert cited one of the chapter titles: “Your second chapter in the book is called, ‘Harry Potter and the Spawn of the Boomers.’ What’s up with the millennials and Harry Potter?” Alter proclaimed: There’s Read More

NBC Asks Biden About Bernie: ‘Some Seem Keen on a

During an otherwise softball interview with former Vice President Joe Biden aired on Thursday, NBC’s Today show co-host Craig Melvin started off by pressing the 2020 Democratic candidate on the support for socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, who “has been able to convince so many people, especially so many young people, that he’s their guy.”Biden dismissed Sanders promising “everything” to people and declared that “the idea that there’s going to be this revolution, Americans aren’t looking for a revolution, they’re looking for progress.” Melvin objected: “But Mr. Vice President, some seem keen on a revolution.”Following Read More

CBS Poll: Viewers Feel ‘Nervous’ After Watching Dem Debate

At the opening of Wednesday’s CBS This Morning, co-host Anthony Mason touted a new poll conducted by the network immediately following Tuesday night’s chaotic Democratic Debate. The survey of “Democratic debate watchers” found that 47% felt “nervous” about the field of 2020 candidates after watching the free-for-all.“I was worried about you up there,” Mason remarked to fellow co-host Gayle King, who served as one of the debate moderators. “The gunfire was going in both directions and everybody had to duck,” he added. King agreed: “I know, Anthony, there was so much incoming, a couple of times I’m like, ‘Read More

Colbert Tells Dems: Don’t ‘Let Norah O’Donnell Stop You From

During a live edition of the Late Show following Tuesday night’s chaotic Democratic Debate, host Stephen Colbert applauded the candidates for ignoring moderator and CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell throughout much of the raucous event. He also ironically warned that “you can’t listen to a TV person.”Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was on the show to analyze the debate and remarked that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren “should have got put in the penalty box tonight” because “she ran over on every answer, just ran right through the stop sign” and refused to stick to Read More

MSNBC’s Glaude Compares Cuba’s Communist Coup to American Revolution

In his desperation to defend 2020 Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders from criticism, on Tuesday, regular left-wing MSNBC pundit and Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude actually compared Fidel Castro’s violent Communist takeover of Cuba to the American Revolution. Glaude made the outrageous argument while trying to excuse the socialist Senator’s defense of Castro during a 60 Minutes interview on Sunday.Referring to Sanders’ controversial remarks, 9:00 a.m. ET hour anchor Stephanie Ruhle fretted: “More and more of his past comments are coming out. Even Sunday, his defense of Fidel Castro. How do you win the state of Florida after defending Castro?” Read More

Trump BLASTS Acosta: ‘Worst Record in the History of Broadcasting’

During a press conference in New Delhi amid his India trip on Tuesday, President Trump had another run-in with CNN’s favorite liberal resistance reporter Jim Acosta. After the biased reporter hurled typically slanted questions, the President told him that he “ought to be ashamed” of having “the worst record in the history of broadcasting.”The contentious exchange began when Acosta demanded: “I just wanted to follow-up on my colleague’s question about Russian interference. Can you pledge to the American people that you will not accept any foreign assistance in the upcoming election?” Moments later, Trump pushed back: “Okay, Read More

Media Loved Castro As Much As Bernie – Maybe More

Perhaps the reason why Monday’s network morning shows only spent a combined 74 seconds discussing socialist Senator Bernie Sanders singing the praises of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was because journalists on NBC, ABC, and CBS knew full well that they had provided even more effusive commentary on the communist autocrat.On NBC’s Today show, while Andrea Mitchell noted Sanders “defending past comments about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro,” she seemed to forget that in November of 2016, as news broke about Castro’s death, she told MSNBC viewers: “A declared socialist, he dramatically improved health care and literacy....I think he Read More

Nets: 74 Seconds to Bernie’s Castro Love, 34 Minutes to

On Monday, all three network morning shows combined could only manage a little over a minute (74 seconds) of air time to mention 2020 Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders defending deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro on Sunday’s 60 Minutes. However, after President Trump held a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in July of 2018, the same broadcasts devoted 34 minutes to excoriating the meeting – and that was just in the first half hour of the respective shows.On NBC’s Today show, while correspondent Andrea Mitchell promised that Sanders’ frontrunner status “comes [with] a lot more scrutiny of his record and his proposals,” her Read More

MSNBC Hopes for ‘Global Financial Crisis’ Helping Dems in 2020

On Friday, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle talked to CNBC contributor Dan Nathan about how the booming economy may factor into the 2020 presidential race. Without any substantiation, Nathan wildly speculated that there could be another “global financial crisis” which would provide something “Dems can run on” in the fall.Nathan, a longtime Democratic Party donor and principal at the investment consulting group RiskReversal Advisors, began by arguing that the nation’s historically low unemployment was actually a bad thing: “...the labor market is really tight, and economically, in an election year, that could pose a really big problem when you think Read More