CNN Freaks Over Fox's ‘Appalling’ Claim, Media Making Virus Political

Just like their cable news peers at MSNBC did this morning, CNN went after Fox News on Friday for daring to call out their politicized reporting on the coronavirus.  Despite a NewsBusters study showing Trump-bashing takes center stage on CNN's coronavirus reporting, CNN Newsroom host Brooke Baldwin and media reporter Oliver Darcy raged that Fox was putting the public in danger by sowing skepticism over their anti-Trump reporting on the coronavirus.Baldwin opened the segment by hyping President Trump’s “media allies” in “full attack mode,” before playing a clip of just three people on Fox calling out the Read More

CNN’s Rye Bullies Black Trump Supporters: ‘Shame on You’

Always angry CNN political commentator Angela Rye spewed venom at black Trump supporters on the network, Thursday morning. Rye was invited by CNN Tonight host Don Lemon to comment on President Trump’s re-election campaign reaching out to black voters.Not only did she completely downplay what the president has done for the black community, giving Obama credit instead, she also bullied black people who may be thinking of voting for Trump in the upcoming election. Lemon asked Rye to comment on Trump campaign adviser Katrina Pierson calling this outreach program, “woke.” Rye sneered at the campaign using this term, Read More

'View' Raves Over Biden: He'll Restore Soul of the Country!

The View continued showcasing its embarrassing devotion to presidential candidate, Joe Biden, on Thursday’s show. Each host rewarded Biden with rave reviews over his performance during last night’s CNN town hall, claiming that his “empathy” would restore the “soul” of America. The liberal hosts also encouraged evangelical voters to flock to Biden, versus Trump, who was the “antithesis” to Christianity. After playing a clip where Biden bonds with a man who lost his wife in the 2015 Charleston church shooting, the hosts were awestruck at Biden’s “beautiful” response. Meghan McCain admitted she was touched by his “empathy”: “I Read More

Lemon: Pence Will ‘Allow People to Die’ Rather Than 'Look

CNN host Don Lemon parroted Democrat attacks on Vice President Pence late Wednesday, after President Trump announced he would be taking over the coronavirus response. Lemon engaged in fearmongering claiming Pence would cause people to die by elevating his faith over “science.”Lemon started spreading panic about Pence, after the network’s Democrat town halls, concluded. During Elizabeth Warren’s hour, she attacked the Pence choice, saying he put “politics” over people’s lives, when an HIV outbreak happened in his state when he was governor. Lemon touted that clip during the network's coverage, early Thursday morning, before grilling Read More

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks VP: Is 'Abstinence' Pence's Plan to Fight

Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence became a target of liberals in the media, after President Trump announced he would be in charge of leading the U.S. response to the coronavirus. Cable news pundits sneered that the Christian Pence was “anti-science” while late night hosts like ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel also took shots at Pence’s faith.During his opening monologue Wednesday, the late-night host attacked Trump for “downplaying” the virus by noting that the flu kills vastly more people. Then he played a clip of the president announcing Pence would be taking over for assembling a task force Read More

ABC Suspends Veteran Reporter After He Is Caught Bashing Network

ABC News has suspended correspondent David Wright, after he was caught on tape making damning statements about his employer. In a newly-released Project Veritas video, Wright bashed ABC for only caring about profits and ratings instead of the “truth.” He also admitted his network spikes pro-Trump stories and doesn’t care about voters.In another shocking part, the ABC reporter also boasts he is a socialist. BREAKING: Senior @ABC correspondent David Wright(@WrightUps) reveals he is a “Socialist,” Admits bosses spike news important to voters, says ABC doesn’t ‘give Trump credit for what things he does do’Breaking updates: Read More

Food Fight! 'View' Berates Behar for Defending Bernie's Castro Comment

The View co-host Joy Behar faced pushback from her liberal peers on Tuesday’s show, after she started defending Bernie Sanders comments praising Fidel Castro. However, some of her co-hosts shared her soft take towards the dictator in years past.The hosts opened the show coming out strongly against Sanders. Behar focused her criticism on Cuba saying the “quality of life was awful” and the “infrastructure was horrible.” However, her co-hosts berated Bernie for praising Castro. “It’s a dictatorship,” Whoopi Goldberg pointed out repeatedly, adding forcefully, “There is nothing groovy about a dictatorship!” Meghan McCain then gave a lengthy Read More

Matthews Apologizes to Bernie; NO Remorse for Saying Worse About

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews offered a mea culpa to 2020 Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders Monday night, after comparing his win in Nevada to the Nazis taking France in World War II. But the Hardball host did not feel the need to apologize to President Trump, or his family, for comparing them to Mussolini, Hitler, Sadam Hussein, or a whole host of other despicable dictators.The uproar began this past weekend, after Matthews proclaimed Sanders victory was like when the French Prime Minister called Winston Churchill to inform him that France had fallen to Nazi Germany. MATTHEWS: I was reading last night Read More

Hostin Fumes: Bernie Rise a ‘Reaction’ to ‘Far Right’ Republicans

While The View co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain have bonded in recent weeks over their dislike for Democrat 2020 candidates Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, on Monday's show, Hostin revealed she really blamed the “far right” Republican party for Sanders becoming the Democrat frontrunner. The blame game started when Meghan McCain argued Sanders’ rise was emblematic of how far left the Democrat party has become: Bernie leading in the way he is right now, or at least garnering this huge momentum of populartiy, it's very honest. For conservatives, this is where I think Democrats are at, I think Read More

ABC Cheers Emanuel Touting Chicago’s ‘Free’ College Program

It was just another morning on ABC’s Good Morning America where one former aide to a Democrat president sat down for a friendly chat with another former aide to a Democrat president. Ex-Clinton staffer and GMA co-host George Stephanopoulos brought on Obama chief of staff and former mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel to tout his new book celebrating what else? Chicago’s liberal policies.Now an ABC on-air contributor, Emanuel not only received a warm welcome from the host but the audience seemed filled with fans, because they cheered and reacted approvingly at several points during the interview. During Read More