Soccer Star Rapinoe 'Leads' America by Backing Warren for President

It wasn't widely known until now, but Megan Rapinoe has been leading America off the soccer field. That amazing role now includes supporting the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).Rapinoe, the soccer star and outrageous social justice warrior, tweeted her support Friday for Sen. Warren and made it official in a phone call between the two and a guest appearance on CNN Tonight. Rapinoe's tweet read: I truly believe the best things in life are a result of being bold and being real. I’m proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren today, for being bold, Read More

Media Dwell on Supposedly Racist Hand Gesture at Army-Navy Game

The combined enrollment of the U.S. Naval and Army academies is nearly 9,000, but after the annual football rivalry game between the two rivals in Philadelphia Saturday, media are obsessed with three of them for supposedly making racist hand gestures at the game.Slate reports that two West Point cadets and one Naval Academy midshipmen made the A-OK hand gestures during a pregame report by ESPN's Reece Davis. Twitter lit up with posts claiming the hand signs were undeniably white power salutes. Slate's Daniel Politi reported military officials "have launched an investigation after some West Point cadets Read More

Lib Media Bash ESPN's Stephen A. Smith for Ethics Violations

ESPN First Take yell man Stephen A. Smith (right) is under fire for making a mockery of journalism ethics. On Friday, The Root writer Stephen A. Crockett Jr. joined in with Jemele Hill's Twitter criticisms of Smith for secretly working with Jay-Z to arrange last month's failed NFL workout for Colin Kaepernick. Crockett and Hill, a writer for The Atlantic, are giving Smith no mercy.In addition to straying -- as a journalist! -- into the matter of Kaepernick's potential employment with the NFL, Smith also angered Hill and others who believed the league's planned November Read More

NY Mag Finds Joy in Increased Athlete Activism

New York Magazine's top 10 sports stories of the decade reflect just how politically partisan sports reporting has become in recent years. Writer Will Leitch's list delivers racial digs and attacks on President Donald Trump while applauding social justice activism by athletes, the acceptance of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and attacks on amateurism. For these reasons, the decade about to end provided more joy than heartache, he says.Leitch (seen in photo) writes: "It has been a decade of historical breakthroughs, unprecedented accomplishments, vivid personalities and, perhaps most shocking, legitimate civic and political engagement among the athletes themselves — Read More

The Awards for 2019's Biased Sports Reporting Goes to…

We're feeling festive and generous in this Christmas season and want to "honor" those in sports media who went below and beyond the call of duty to distinguish themselves for dubious reasons in 2019.Sports media and current and former athletes embarrassed themselves by stumbling and bumbling into politics, social justice, race, biology and other areas. We've designated the worst offenders for "targeting" penalties and "technical fouls."  TECHNICALLY FOUL "Right now the stains include Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and other states passing restrictive abortion legislation that reduces women to baby incubators." -Kareem Read More

Former NBA Great Abdul-Jabbar Bashes Fox News, Conservatives

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Thursday leveled a double-barreled attack on Christian Americans and conservative media in a caustic defense of Colin Kaepernick's recent anti-Thanksgiving Day activities. The former NBA great and Guardian writer shamed them by portraying Kaepernick as "the black Grinch for those who dream of a white America."The defense of Kaepernick centered on the former football player's Thanksgiving Day tweet about his morning at the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Ceremony on the 50 year anniversary of the Occupation of Alcatraz. Kaepernick's tweet read: "The US government has stolen over 1.5 billion acres of land Read More

Addition of Black Panthers Coach Makes NFL 'Whiter' — ESPN

They do the math and the eyeball tests differently at The Undefeated, the race-baiting ESPN blog. Until Tuesday, there were three African American head coaches and one Latino head coach in the NFL. That day the Carolina Panthers canned Latino head coach Ron Rivera and named African American Perry Fewell the interim coach, upping the number of black head coaches in the league from three to four. It's not rocket science here, but The Undefeated claims this coaching move makes the NFL ''whiter.''Enter Jason Reid, one of The Undefeated's reliable race-baiters, who insists that the simple addition Read More

Rapinoe: Men's Soccer Needs to Man-up for Social Justice

Megan Rapinoe is no longer satisfied calling the shots just for women's soccer. She's demanding that male soccer superstars get with the social justice program, too. Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic need to get woke and help clean up the problems plaguing men's soccer, Rapinoe said.In USA Today, Chris Bumbaca reported that after social justice queen Rapinoe won the Ballon d'Or as the world's top soccer player Monday (see photo of her in acceptance video, right), she called on high-profile male stars "to join her cause and correct the issues that Read More

Sports Blogger Says Fox Sports Attracting Disgruntled Conservatives

Awful Announcing's Ben Koo posted a lengthy report on Fox Sports emerging as a major threat to ESPN's long monopoly on college football coverage. Declaring a key part of that rivalry as political, Koo likened ESPN to a "punching bag" and Fox Sports as the alternative of choice for "disgruntled conservatives."Koo wrote that Fox Sports is capitalizing on divisiveness and tribalism. ESPN is facing major complaints that it's biased in favor of the SEC and it has a "left-leaning political bias." "The legitimacy of either gripe is up for Read More

Oregon State Baseball Visits WH After Vandy Team Passes

News has just come out that 2019 NCAA baseball champion Vanderbilt University whiffed on an invitation to be honored at the White House during a celebration of multiple college championship teams last week. But in an unusual "pinch-hitting" appearance, the 2018 national champion Oregon State Beavers did a last-minute "hit-and-run" to the nation's capital to celebrate their title with President Donald Trump.Supposedly this was not a political snub by the Vanderbilt Commodores, who defeated Michigan to win the College World Series last June 27. Vanderbilt spokesman Alan George issued a statement that the team “respectfully declined” to Read More