L.A. Dodgers Manager Nearly Cancelled for Christian Speech

"Cancel culture" almost claimed another high profile sports victim this week. Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts drew criticism from the Los Angeles Times and SB Nation sports blog for agreeing to speak at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) event in Kern County, Calif., but he made the obligatory confession of ignorance to sidestep the condemnation of LGBT media lapdogs. For now. He may not be so fortunate in the future.Roberts, a Christian, said he did not know about FCA's so-called "anti-gay" policies and he supports inclusion. SB Nation's Outsports blog gave Read More

Nike Donates $5 Million for Obama Public Library Park

In a meeting of "Hope and Change" and the Swoosh, Nike announced a $5 million donation to an athletic facility at the Obama Foundation's planned presidential center in Chicago. Nike's latest progressive effort aims to help create a place to inspire, learn and reflect in honor of the former president who "brought his love of hoops from the South Side of Chicago to the White House."Newsweek Sports' Soo Kim calls the sports park the first-ever public athletic facility offered by a U.S. presidential center or library. The new facility will be part of Read More

Media Suggest Trump Had Ulterior Motives at Title Game

President Donald Trump's appearance at Monday's National Championship college football game in New Orleans was a safe political move that came during a turbulent time in his presidency, reports Yahoo! Sports writer Pete Thamel. An MSNBC source suggested the president used the appearance in a red state to distract attention from the impeachment and cozy up to his political supporters. An NBC News headline went even further, declaring, "Trump joins LSU and Clemson in bid to turn college football into a sports-themed MAGA rally".In attending his third college football game of the season, President Trump Read More

ESPN Blog: NFL Teams Hire Coaches on 'White Is Right'

Only one man of color got a head coaching job in the NFL's recent round of hires, proving to The Undefeated's senior NFL writer that the league has a "white is right" mentality. Furthermore, Jason Reid writes that league owners could not care less about inclusive hiring.Ron Rivera, a man of Latino heritage, was the only minority hire since the end of the 2019 season, by the Washington Redskins. The other teams who fired their coach at the end of the season all hired white men to serve as their new head coaches. That prompted Reid Read More

Rapinoe Says She Won't Be Silenced at Olympics

Some of the most vociferous voices in support of athlete protest are crying foul over the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) recent policy announcement preventing inappropriate political activism at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. U.S. women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe says she won't be silenced, and USA Today is bitterly denouncing the IOC's stance.On Thursday, the IOC banned protests by athletes who are on the field of play, in the Olympic Village and during medal and other official ceremonies. Rapinoe defiantly responded via Instagram that she will not be silenced: "So much being done Read More

Progressives Oppose Olympic Provisions Against Protest

On Thursday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced a proactive policy aimed at preventing political protest at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Yahoo! Sports writer Henry Bushnell and the progressive group Global Athlete immediately raised opposition to the IOC's decision.IOC officials have been on heightened alert for the upcoming Games because of the rising tide of athlete protest in recent years. Also, two American athletes staged protests at the 2019 Pan American Games in Peru. Hammer thrower Gwen Berry (seen in photo) raised her fist on the victory stand after winning Gold, and fencer Race Imboden kneeled on the Read More

Lib Sports Media Slam NFL: 'Whiteness Still Major Issue in'

The recent hiring of three white NFL head coaches has sparked an outbreak of complaints, notably panelists on ESPN's First Take program and Roland Martin of Unfiltered: The Daily Digital Show. In their complaints against African Americans not getting any of these head coaching jobs, the media called for various levels of controls and legal means to stop the NFL for what Martin calls blatant "whiteness."Martin (seen in above photo) and ESPN's Stephen A. Smith were particularly agitated by the New York Giants hiring Wednesday of former New England Patriots receivers coach/special teams coordinator Read More

MSNBC Highlights Comparison of Trump, Dallas Cowboys' Failures

Progressive Texas television sportscaster Dale Hansen (appearing in photo, right) won accolades from MSNBC for comparing the lies of the Dallas Cowboys to life in America right now ― a dig at President Donald Trump and Republicans.On her "Who Won the Week" segment on Sunday, AM Joy host Joy Reid toasted Hansen as someone who spoke truth to the world in describing what he perceives as the negative state of the nation. The Cowboys season ended recently with another disappointing playoff absence, prompting criticism from Hansen that was paired with the progressive's opposition to the Trump Administration. Read More

Killing of Terrorist Is 'Racist, Imperialist' ― Kaepernick

Disgruntled America hater Colin Kaepernick just won't give it up. The activist who threw his football career away has accused the U.S. of targeting minorities after American forces used a drone strike to kill an Iranian terrorist responsible for many atrocities. It was "imperialism" against black and brown people, says Kaepernick in his latest caustic Tweet.While riding in a two-vehicle convoy Friday near Baghdad International Airport, Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the Kataeb Hezbollah chief, were killed by three missiles from an American MQ-9 Reaper Drone. In a public statement Friday, President Read More

USA Today's Most Important Athlete of Decade Is … Kaepernick!

It was an inevitable, though farcical and ridiculous, ploy of the left-stream media to hoist Colin Kaepernick onto a pedestal in a review of sports in the past decade. USA Today's For The Win blog argues that he was the most important athlete of the decade. This is not a joke!Feature writer and editor Chris Korman's choice of most important athlete of the decade played little more than half a decade in the NFL. In six years he threw just 72 touchdown passes and lost 30 of 58 games as a starting quarterback. Kaepernick (seen at right in photo during 2016 Read More