WashPost Sports Blisters Trump's Recovery Plan

Washington Post sports columnist Sally Jenkins let fly Saturday morning with a thunderous literary salvo on President Trump over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her assault was highly personal and dismissive of the White House's Thursday announcement of a cautious, three-stage recovery plan.Jenkins (seen in a 2017 file photo taken at the National Press Club, right) tore into people implying that some may have to die to save the economy. How about offering testing and basic protections, she said: "The sentiment has been mouthed by every fool from Dr. Oz to the Cheetos-dusted flimflam man in the Read More

Deadspin Labels President Trump Self-Centered 'Idiot'

You've got the internet, conservative talk radio and Fox News as alternatives for fake news on the COVID-19 pandemic, right? Yes, and who else do you trust to provide straight, unbiased reporting on the coronavirus? You naturally gravitate to ... sports writers ... for the latest news, too, right? Nah, not so much! Deadspin's cadre of caustic, progressive cynics will give you everything you don't need/can't trust.Jesse Spector is one of Deadspin's would-be "White House correspondents." This week he lashed out at President Donald Trump as a "complete idiot" for merely Read More

Sports Illustrated Podcast Labels Trump 'Criminally Negligent

Sports Illustrated writer and podcast host Jimmy Traina on Monday tried to goad retired ESPN SportsCenter host Bob Ley into a broadside attack on President Trump and met with mixed results. Traina said the president is doing "long-standing" damage to the nation, and before veering off the political angle of COVID-19, Ley directed the words "criminal negligence" in the president's direction.Traina introduced Ley (in photo), one of the original on-air sportscasters from ESPN's early years, by trying to lead him into a joint attack on Trump: "I don't want to do Read More

Reckless Behavior Led to Johnson's HIV; He Compares It With

Magic Johnson's reckless behavior as an NBA player led to an HIV diagnosis and early retirement from the L.A. Lakers. Astonishingly, in a USA Today story Friday, he compares his plight to people who, through no fault of their own, have contracted or died from the coronavirus. In Mark Medina's USA Today story Friday, Johnson (seen in photo) "drew parallels between HIV and COVID-19 because of the similarities regarding the misconceptions about the respective viruses, the inadequate testing, the lack of available drugs and how the pandemic has hurt the black community.": "African Americans Read More

'Recovery' From Tragedies Never Brings Social Justice, Deadspin Writer

After 9/11, sports writers let President George W. Bush off the hook for a failed war, racism, the failure of capitalism and a denial of LGBT rights. Now they're giving President Donald Trump a pass for his mistakes after the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the U.S., claims Deadspin writer Sam Fels on Wednesday. At the root of the problem is the notion that sports can aid the world in recovery from horrific events.Baseball is intertwined with the ugly parts of American history and culture, particularly "racism and income equality/failures of capitalism," says Fels. President Bush Read More

Deadspin Chastises Clemson Coach's Pandemic-Time Optimism

Clemson University football coach Dabo Swinney's confidence in America to gain the upper hand on COVID-19 is misplaced "jingoistic bravado" and an "embrace of ignorance." "From Dabo to the Dumbo" in the White House, it's part of conservative efforts to socially distance themselves from science, says Deadspin writer Jim Rich.Swinney is a caricature of many who are ignoring the seriousness of the virus, Rich writes after the upbeat football coach said some encouraging words for a troubling time: “This is America, man. We’ve stormed the beaches of Normandy. We’ve Read More

World Ending, But At Least ESPN's Not Sticking to Sports!

Sports media, President Donald Trump, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and anyone else hinting at a fall return of sports took a brutal beating from Jay Mariotti in a Monday post on Barrett Sports Media. With carnage on the streets and the world nearing its end, this is absolutely the worst time in history to stick to sports, the bombastic Mariotti vented.As frantic sports media stoop to trivialities in filling time and space, Mariotti says ESPN's Adam Schefter deserves a lifetime award for "Best Commentary During a Pandemic by a Media Professional." Schefter excoriated the NFL for Read More

Deadspin: Trump Desperate for Return of Sports to Cover His

In a conference call with the commissioners of major league sports Saturday, President Donald Trump expressed optimism that professional sports can safely resume by late summer. A critic at Deadspin sports blog, Carron J. Phillips, calls that a swing and a miss by a desperate, impeached president who has no interest in the welfare of African American athletes.On Saturday, the White House pool report stated: “The president recognized the good work being done by many teams and players to care for their communities, workforces, and fan bases across the nation. The commissioners thanked President Trump for his national leadership Read More

Fox Sports Host Shannon Sharpe Unloads On President Trump, Kushner

Shannon Sharpe, co-host of Fox Sports 1's The Undisputed program, ripped Jared Kushner and his father-in-law President Donald Trump over federal handling of the coronavirus. Deadspin writer Chris Baud defended Sharpe in a post titled "Shannon Sharpe Says What We Were All Thinking: Jared Kushner Is an Incompetent Ass Bag", and it all goes downhill from there.The former member of the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens was enraged after Kushner tweeted: “The notion of federal stockpiles was it’s supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states’ stockpiles that they then use.” Sharpe (Read More

SB Nation Plays Down Patriots’ Act Of Humanitarianism

The much-hated New England Patriots can't even get a break from the media for using their team plane to bring facemasks from China to America. Jemele Hill, a notorious Trump hater, criticized the team's good deed simply because Patriots owner Bob Kraft is a friend of the president's. SB Nation writer Morgan Moriarty tore into the federal government for not doing what the Patriots did.Hill, of the infamous 2017 Trump and his supporters are "white supremacist" tweet fame, defaulted to guilt by association in discounting the Patriots' humanitarian effort. On Twitter, her favorite tool of &Read More