ESPN Writer Somehow Connects Boxer’s Loss to Voter Suppression?

When the white boxer Tyson Fury (at left in photo) defeated African American rival Deontay Wilder (at right) Saturday, ESPN writer David Dennis saw the WBC heavyweight championship bout purely in racial terms. MLK's call to judge people by the content of their characer -- and not the color of their skin -- went by the wayside.The adjunct professor of journalism at Morehouse College and contributing writer for The Undefeated blog saw Jim Crow converging on all 116 punches landed Saturday. He read way too much into the fight, including racial inequality and voter suppression. Dennis characterizes Wilder's Read More

ESPN's Bomani Jones Show 'High Noon' Bites the Dust

In another High Noon showdown, two more ESPN lefties bit the "bullet." Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre and their left-wing shtick will get till the end of March, and then their High Noon program will be designated for the television version of Boot Hill. Low and declining rating are listed as the cause of High Noon's impending death, according to ESPN.Highly unpopular, High Noon lasted less than two years. It was drawing little more than 300,000 viewers a day for quarter one, down from last year, USA Today's Scott Gleeson reports. That's why ESPN pulled Read More

1980 Olympic Hockey Champs Support Trump

Hollywood's 2004 movie on the 1980 Miracle on Ice Olympic hockey champs included President Jimmie Carter's downer "crisis of confidence" speech. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, associated the team with a much more uplifting spirit of American greatness in recognizing them Friday night in Las Vegas.On the team's 40th anniversary, President Trump honored several members of the team that had shocked the mighty Soviet hockey team and won Olympic gold in 1980. Team members joined the president on the stage, and he referenced the victory over a supposedly invincible Soviet team as "one of Read More

Tebow Takes Pro-Life Stand In Kansas; Media Strangely Silent

It's shocking that Tim Tebow and the owner of the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs did not get buried by the media for their recent appearance at the Kansans For Life Valentine's Day banquet. It's also amazing that Tebow didn't get slammed by media for saying he'd rather be known for saving babies from abortion than as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. And that Lamar Hunt Jr., owner of the Chiefs, served as master of ceremonies at the event without an onslaught from pro-aborts.If it hadn't been for the pro-life advocacy group LifeNews'Read More

Why Is ESPN Allowing Bill Walton to Glorify Pot Use?

It never ceases to amaze one that network sports continue to employ loud-mouthed liberal loons like Bill Walton and Charles Barkley. Barkley has been embarrassing himself on TNT's Inside The NBA for years, and Walton does likewise calling college basketball on ESPN, openly advocating against the war on drugs and glorifying pot use.While doing (off) color commentary for the Colorado-Oregon college basketball game on ESPN last week, frequent weed advocate Walton didn't stick solely to sports. He went off about pot. Again. As the game was nearing a commercial break, Walton (at left in above photo) demanded Read More

Media Accuse Trump of Politicizing Daytona 500

Media coverage of Sunday's Daytona 500 NASCAR race accused President Donald Trump of politicizing this huge sporting spectacle and using it as a campaign appearance."NASCAR fans are ecstatic about the real deal crashing the Daytona 500 this weekend," reported AP motorsports writers Dan Gelston and Jenna Fryer: When Trump arrives Sunday at Daytona International Speedway to deliver the command for drivers to start their engines, the race's grand marshal might as well be at one of his campaign rallies. High above banners flying for NASCAR stars like Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson, Trump flags wave atop row Read More

Kaepernick Announces Forthcoming Social Justice Memoir

Colin Kaepernick emerged from behind his caustic Twitter account Tuesday to use USA Today Sports as a platform for his unrepentant anti-Americanism. The NFL reject announced he's planning to release a memoir later this year through his own publishing company. It's sure to be a great stocking stuffer for social justice warriors everywhere.The preview Kaepernick gave to supportive USA Today writer Jarrett Bell serves as an indicator his book will serve up the same garbage that turned off 32 NFL teams and alienated countless sports fans across America: "I learned early on that in fighting against systematic Read More

Pro-LGBT Media Slam Connecticut Girls for Suing to Stop Trans

The Associated Press reported Wednesday afternoon that three high school girls in Connecticut had filed a federal lawsuit to prevent transgender athletes -- read muscle-bound boys -- from competing in girls sports. The D.C.-based gay magazine Metro Weekly reported the story in total LGBT-ese.AP's story ran on ESPN W, Time and numerous other media websites. Pat Eaton-Robb's AP story begins: The families of three female high school runners filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girls' sports. The girls take legal issue with Terry Miller and Andraya Read More

XFL Makes It Crystal Clear: Kneeling Won't Be Tolerated

The new XFL just made its debut over the weekend, and one thing viewers did not have to stomach were social justice warrior players kneeling in protest during the Star Spangled Banner. Unlike the cowardly NFL, which in 2018 withdrew an overture to ban dishonoring protests in pregame ceremonies, the XFL brain-trust had the guts to make it very clear that kneeling will not be tolerated. Grievance mongers who entertained any ideas of doing the Kaepernick thing can take their gripes elsewhere.Vince McMahon’s rebirth of the XFL, which had a previous and short-lived run way back in 2001, started up Read More