Some in Media Defend Kaepernick's Call to ‘Fight Back'

Amid the sports media reports on LeBron James and other athletes expressing outrage over the killing of George Floyd, the New York Daily News, Deadspin and the New Jersey Advocate featured excuses for the violent rioting.Sarah Valenzuela's story in the New York Daily News focused on former NFL player Colin Kaepernick blatantly defending the riots and the arson: "Sports' leading racial justice advocate is done calling for peace. "Colin Kaepernick offered his condolences on Thursday for 43-year-old George Floyd--a black man who died while in police custody--and shared his support of the riots and violent protests Read More

Nike Swoosh Rolls Out Collection Of LGBT-Themed Footwear

Nike hardly resembles the company co-founded by the late Bill Bowerman, so narrow and limited in his vision that he actually produced shoes, books and manuals to promote fitness. In comparison to the company's legacy, the politically correct goofballs running his misguided organization today are producing products that speak a spectrum of voices to non-binary runners. Nike and its market rivals are turning running shoes into symbols promoting the LGBT agenda. As a matter of fact, the genderless person wearing the running shoes just became the sought-after consumer for Nike, Adidas, Reebok and New Balance.  These four rival companies Read More

Porn Site Seeks Stadium Naming Agreement With Saints

The sleazy NFL potentially continues to slouch toward Gomorrah! Super Bowl halftime sleaze is legendary, but now an adult webcam site has offered $15 million to the New Orleans Saints in hopes of gaining the Super Dome stadium naming rights. SB Nation sports blog asks why an organization would want to get involved with an "embarrassing, scandal-plagued business" and it wasn't even referring to the XXX-rated Stripchat website, but to the Saints!This sordid story just shows how low the NFL's reputation has sunk. In fact, SB Nation's Matthew Chambers writes the Saints and adult websites &Read More

Cuban Tells Hannity Trump Failing to Lead During Pandemic

Should we really be listening to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban when he speaks on the stuff that leaders are made of? Mr. Cuban forfeited his credibility on this subject in 2018 when he was forced by the NBA to pay $10 million to women's leadership and domestic violence organizations. Why? Because he permitted a culture of sexual harassment in the team's front office. Nevertheless, Cuban appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News Channel program Wednesday and belittled President Trump's leadership performance on the COVID-19 pandemic.As Sarah Valenzuela detailed in a New York Daily News sports story Thursday, Read More

Deadspin Rages About Failure Of NFL Affirmative Action Proposal

In a meeting with league owners Tuesday, the NFL approved rules requiring more minority candidates for coaching and general manager (GM) jobs to be interviewed. A virtual affirmative action proposal to elevate the draft positions of teams hiring minority coaches and GMs was tabled due to a lack of owner support, prompting a race-filled diatribe from Deadspin writer Carron J. Phillips.In his story headlined "NFL's 'Broken System' Is So Racist Owners Can't Even Be Bribed To Hire Black People", Phillips lets loose with a torrent of anger over the failed attempt to introduce affirmative action Read More

Sports Media Suddenly Discover Fallacies Of Affirmative Action

Suddenly progressives have become aware that affirmative action is demeaning to minorities. Liberal sports writers from SB Nation and the ESPN blog known as The Undefeated are surprisingly ripping an NFL proposal to elevate the draft positions of teams hiring minority coaches and general managers, amid charges of engaging in affirmative action. A Deadspin writer also shreds the idea of allowing teams third-round draft incentives for minority hiring in the aftermath of minority assistant coaches like Kansas City's Eric Bieniemy (in photo) getting passed over for head coaching jobs.An SB Nation writer who goes by Ryland B. says Read More

NFL Committee Proposes Reverse Discrimination In Hiring

Talk about reverse discrimination! On Tuesday, NFL owners will meet via video conferencing to consider incentives to hire more minority executives and coaches that amount to affirmative action on steroids. Get this: under this proposed plan, teams that hire nonwhite general managers, coaches or assistant coaches would move up several positions in the third round of the draft and receive an extra pick. Other teams, including those not in the market for new coaches, get zippo.Also, teams dismissing a minority head coach after a single year on the sidelines, as the Arizona Cardinals did with former head coach Steve Read More

McIlroy Won't Do Golf With President Who Politicizes Pandemic

Once they were golfing buds, but now Rory McIlroy refuses to play with President Donald Trump. McIlroy doesn't agree with anything the President says, some of which is "just terrible." Mark Cannizzaro's New York Post headline on the story asserted that the world's top-ranked golfer had taken a swing at his old golfing pal.Appearing on Thursday's McKellar Podcast, a weekly podcast of McKellar Magazine, with host Lawrence Donegan and John Huggan, McIlroy was asked about a 2017 round of golf with the president and vowed they'll never play together again. Cannizzaro wrote: "Read More

Abdul-Jabbar Wants a Mea Culpa Speech From Trump on Corona

Trump-hater supreme Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written the speech he believes the president should make to own up for his alleged mistakes in the handling of the COVID-19 crisis. The former NBA star would have President Donald Trump taking the blame for coronavirus deaths and would greatly reduce the president's efforts to campaign for re-election. It's a speech that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would absolutely adore.Abdul-Jabbar seeks a passionate rallying speech from the president that inspires everyone to do the right thing, because the president has done the wrong things.: "One thing we could use right Read More