A Tale of Two Protests: Minnesota Rioters Vs. Anti-Lockdown Protesters

When the protests against the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis started to turn violent, CNN’s Don Lemon insisted on still labelling the rioters and looters as mere “protesters.” MSNBC’s  Ali Velshi — with a burning building behind him — told viewers “This is mostly a protest. It is not generally speaking unruly.” This is in stark contrast to the coverage given to the largely peaceful rallies by anti-lockdown protesters who just wanted to go back to work and had rebelled against extremely restrictive policies in states like Michigan. These protestors were smeared as “racist” “threatening” and compared to Read More

Top 14: Celebrating the ‘Silver Linings’ of the Pandemic

Lives have been lost, businesses have been shuttered for good, schools have been closed and millions are stressed out by the effects of coronavirus, but lefty journalists managed to find the “silver lining” to the pandemic -- a cure for climate change! From March through May, journalists have been cooing over animals running wild in city streets and previously smog-filled vistas being cleared. And while everyone likes animals and clean air, the insensitivity shown by environmental activists masked as journalists to those who were thrown out of work or dying was staggering.  The following are the Top 14 worst examples of Read More

TOP 13: Celebs Blame Callous Conservatives and Trump for Covid

The Hollywood left keeps pinning coronavirus victims on conservatives and Donald Trump. HBO host John Oliver claimed Trump’s pandemic plan was for “him to live while letting a lot of us die.” Actress Holly Marie Combs actually blamed her grandfather’s death on the President.ABC’s The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg compared Trump to Nazi death camp doctor Josef Mengele and Robert DeNiro bashed Republicans’ for their “deal with the devil” by letting “lunatic” Trump get away with letting people die.  The following are the most sickening attacks by celebrities on Trump and conservatives from the Hollywood left Read More

Nets Stunned By Flynn Case Being Dropped Because They Ignored

In 2017, liberal journalists and hosts flipped out over the prospect of Michael Flynn bringing down the Trump administration. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow called “the news….that the White House counsel was notified weeks in advance that a national security adviser candidate [Michael Flynn] was under federal investigation and the White House then went ahead and made the hire….a bigger scandal than almost anything we’ve ever seen in any presidential administration.”NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd exclaimed it was the “biggest presidential scandal….since Iran-Contra.”  But in 2020 the case against Flynn began to collapse, as it Read More

TOP 10: ‘Unstable’ Trump and GOP ‘Villains’ Deadlier Than Vietnam

“Delusional” Donald Trump is “not well” and Republicans will be remembered as “villains” for not stopping an “unstable” President who is “inciting violence” and is responsible for more American deaths than the Vietnam war. These are just a few of the absurd assertions made by lefty journalists in the last couple of weeks of coronavirus crisis coverage.From MSNBC host Joe Scarborough questioning the President’s fitness to lead to New York magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi’s trollbait of a question at a White House briefing, the following is a Top 10 list of the most outrageous attacks by journalists on Read More

TOP 12: Celebs Sink Lower as They Attack Trump, His

Celebrities sank to new depths in their attacks on Donald Trump and his supporters, as they blamed him for “tens of thousands of deaths,” called his voters “insane” and wished they would “drop dead.” Not even Trump’s children, including Barron, were spared from sickening insults.The following are the most obnoxious attacks on Trump, his family and supporters from the last two weeks of the coronavirus crisis:  [LANGUAGE WARNING]  12. Laughing At Those Dumb Yokels Who Just Want to Work Again  “People are getting restless. Especially the people who aren’t too bright….I’m starting to think that these Read More

TOP 16: Journalists Coldly Claim Trump and GOP Want Thousands

Liberal journalists and hosts exhibited little sympathy for protestors wanting to go back to work as they belittled them as zombies and a “doomsday cult.” The President and conservatives that shared their concerns were derided as “reckless and “dangerous.”   From MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace whining about Donald Trump tweeting “like a punk” while thousands die to her colleague Joe Scarborough cursing Republicans for sacrificing World War II veterans to Wall Street, the following are the 16 worst coronavirus crisis-related quotes by journalists from the past week-and-half. 16. Trump Tweeting Like a “Punk” While Thousands Die “This moment is like every other in Read More

16 Terrible Takes On Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus Crisis

The terrible takes just keep coming. Lefty correspondents and hosts keep finding ways to blame President Donald Trump for lives lost to the coronavirus. From CNN host Chris Cuomo blasting Trump trying to keep the country’s spirits high as “bullsh*t” to his CNN colleague Don Lemon pontificating about the President’s “lying” the following are 16 terrible takes on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis:  [LANGUAGE WARNING] 16. Blasting Trump’s Positivity as “Bullsh*t” President Donald Trump: “I’m a cheerleader for this country. I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else. I’m Read More

TOP 10: Celebrity Attacks on Trump’s Handling of the Pandemic

Enraged actors and late night talk show hosts blew a gasket these past few weeks as they charged “hundreds of thousands” of lives will be lost thanks to the “evil” and “despicable” Donald Trump valuing the Dow Jones over “saving lives.” The following are just the most recent examples of celebrities viciously attacking Trump during the coronavirus crisis:  [LANGUAGE WARNING] 10. Trump Leading “Death Cult”  “For once, something has come along that is more toxic and more threatening than this President, and somehow, he’s got fucking stage envy.….Meanwhile, we are being forced to confront some of the strangest, darkest Read More

Reporters Rage: Trump Has ‘Blood’ On His Hands

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, the media continue to sink lower in their vile attacks on Donald Trump and conservatives.Liberal journalists like NBC Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd have questioned if “there is blood on the President’s hands?” New Yorker editor David Remnick charged Trump’s “narcissism” and “lack of empathy” has “led to disaster....paid in human lives.” Others like MSNBC host Chris Hayes have suggested media outlets should refuse to air Trump’s “dangerous” and “crazy” daily briefings. His MSNBC colleague Joy Reid sounded conspiracy alarm bells as she warned the “would-be King” Trump was Read More