TOP 10: Celebrity Attacks on Trump’s Handling of the Pandemic

Enraged actors and late night talk show hosts blew a gasket these past few weeks as they charged “hundreds of thousands” of lives will be lost thanks to the “evil” and “despicable” Donald Trump valuing the Dow Jones over “saving lives.” The following are just the most recent examples of celebrities viciously attacking Trump during the coronavirus crisis:  [LANGUAGE WARNING] 10. Trump Leading “Death Cult”  “For once, something has come along that is more toxic and more threatening than this President, and somehow, he’s got fucking stage envy.….Meanwhile, we are being forced to confront some of the strangest, darkest Read More

Reporters Rage: Trump Has ‘Blood’ On His Hands

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, the media continue to sink lower in their vile attacks on Donald Trump and conservatives.Liberal journalists like NBC Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd have questioned if “there is blood on the President’s hands?” New Yorker editor David Remnick charged Trump’s “narcissism” and “lack of empathy” has “led to disaster....paid in human lives.” Others like MSNBC host Chris Hayes have suggested media outlets should refuse to air Trump’s “dangerous” and “crazy” daily briefings. His MSNBC colleague Joy Reid sounded conspiracy alarm bells as she warned the “would-be King” Trump was Read More

HOLLYWOOD HATE: Trump Is the Real Health Threat

On Thursday, NewsBusters compiled the most despicable coronavirus takes by journalists against President Donald Trump and conservatives. Today we look at the most vicious, hate-filled rants by the Hollywood elite. From Jimmy Kimmel yelling from his home at the “racist” Trump to “shut up” to Cher condemning the President as a “LIAR & MURDERER,” the following are the most obnoxious examples of celebrities spewing their hatred against Trump during the coronavirus crisis:  [LANGUAGE WARNING] Jimmy Roasts Racist Trump from His Home  “Trump, meanwhile, has a catchy little nickname for the corona virus of ours. He now calls it the ‘Chinese Read More

DESPICABLE! Blaming Trump and Conservatives for Coronavirus

After 9/11 there was a brief moment when even the liberal media put aside their petty grievances with Republicans and conservatives as everyone joined together to heal and rally the nation. Sadly, we are not seeing that during this current coronavirus crisis. Instead, lefty journalists have used this moment to play election year politics as they’ve labeled the pandemic Trump’s “Chernobyl” and “Katrina” and even charged that Republicans were fine with a “million seniors” dying. They also tarred Trump and conservatives as racist for noting the country of origin of the virus. All the while they’ve used this Read More

The Worst of Rick Wilson

He’s MSNBC and CNN’s favorite Republican, he’s so-called “GOP strategist” Rick Wilson and he hates you -- especially if you are a “ten-toothed rube” “idolater” of Donald Trump. Wilson most recently displayed his ugly hatred when he wished First Lady Melania Trump would be infected with the Coronavirus. He despises Trump so much he is easily fooled by fake tweets.  The following are just a few of the worst examples of Wilson spewing his venom against Trump and his supporters:  [LANGUAGE WARNING] Rick Wilson and His CNN Friends Think You Are Stupid  GOP strategist Rick Wilson: “Donald Read More

Ice Cube: I Can't Wait to See Trump in Handcuffs!

On Monday, Hip-Hop icon Ice Cube popped up on New York's 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club to chat about music, movies, basketball...and arresting the President. That's right, the rapper/actor (real name O'Shea Jackson) proclaimed he "can't wait to see" Donald Trump in handcuffs.The former member of the rap group NWA -- who also enjoyed a successful solo career -- was invited on The Breakfast Club to promote his pro-basketball league The Big 3, as well as his upcoming movie and music projects. When the conversation turned to music Ice Cube (real name Read More

Debate Moderator Jorge Ramos: Bernie Sanders Pitchman, Trump Resistor

UPDATE: CNN debate moved from Arizona to Washington DC. Ramos removed from moderator panel, due to possible exposure to coronavirus.One of the lead debate moderators for CNN’s Sunday night debate is Univision anchor Jorge Ramos – a journalist so opposed to Donald Trump he was actually thrown out of a 2015 campaign event for being so rude. After Trump won on election night 2016, Ramos vowed to “Resist and report and not be neutral.” Since then, Ramos and his network Univision have railed against Trump on immigration and fueled the rise of the most left-wing candidate in the race – the openly Read More

Yet Another Biden Family Member Is In Trouble, Nets Refuse

Yet another Biden family member is in trouble and once again the nets are doing their best to bury the scandal. On Monday morning Politico broke the news that the FBI “raided a health care business linked to Joe Biden’s brother in late January.” The report alleged James Biden may have engaged in fraud and traded on his familial connection to the former Vice President. This bombshell report has yet to be reported on ABC, CBS, NBC’s evening or morning shows. The James Biden story comes at a time while Joe’s son Hunter is still under scrutiny Read More

Helping Joe Out! ABC, NBC Hide Biden’s Latest Blunders

This week Joe Biden emerged as the Democratic frontrunner as he started consolidating his liberal base, including his allies on the ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning shows – who continue to cover-up his blunders and gaffes. In just the last few days Biden botched an attempt to recite the Declaration of Independence and confused his wife with his sister. MRC analysts looked at the Big Three evening and morning shows (March 2 evening - March 5 morning) and found only CBS This Morning (59 total seconds) reported on the latest Biden bloopers. Even then, they just relegated them to in their “Eye-Opener” montage. Read More

Bye-Bye Chris! The Worst of Matthews

He’s gone! After 23 years at CNBC and MSNBC, Chris Matthews has “retired” from as Hardball host. But it wasn’t his multitude of nasty attacks on conservatives and sycophantic praise of liberal pols that did him in, but his years of suggestive comments to women that finally caught up to him. Oh, and he crossed the Bernie Bros for daring to suggest a socialist could not win a national election. In that area, Matthews’s “retirement” clears the way for MSNBC to go even further left, if that’s possible.  Here at the MRC we’ve documented Matthews’s Read More