Dear Media: 10 Black Conservatives Slam Biden ‘You Ain’t Black’

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden made one of the biggest gaffes of his 2020 campaign by letting it slip just how much he takes the African-American community for granted. Prominent African-American conservatives swiftly condemned his disgusting comments. As The Breakfast Club radio host “Charlamagne Tha God” signed off on his interview with the Dem nominee, he claimed he still had “more questions” about how Biden would benefit the African-American community. That wasn’t enough of a pledge for the indignant candidate, who responded by saying, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then Read More

‘Here’s Your Mask, A**Hole’: Celebs Nag Trump For Going Maskless

In major breaking news, President Trump took off his mask during his visit to a Ford plant in Michigan on May 21. The earth shook, the sky was blackened, and the dead walked the earth due to the mystical power of the scandal. Well, no not really, but considering the reaction of lefty mask police in response to the president's latest faux pas, it seemed like Trump committed an impeachable offense. Media nags couldn’t stand Trump’s refusal to wear a mask. Even though wearing one is a recommendation rather than a government mandate, and even though the president Read More

Bernie Bro Mark Ruffalo Falls in Love With Recent ‘Lincoln

In pursuit of “higher-minded,” and “more enlightened” conservative principles, the never-Trump creators of The Lincoln Project have found unlikely allies in the radical left. This week the anti-Trump political action commitee founded by “Republicans” Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt, among others, curried favor with eco-socialist nutcase Mark Ruffalo, who retweeted their anti-Trump attack ad.Ah yes, catering to the people who hate every lofty norm and principle you pride yourself on holding over the president just so you can revel in a collective “F Trump!” That’s called being a principled conservative right there. On May 18, the Avengers star and Read More

‘Heil Trump!’ Former WWE Star Bautista Mocks Trump in Deranged

Former WWE wrestler and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has been trying to get President Trump in a Twitter chokehold for the past couple months, particularly because he’s unhappy with the U.S. leader’s coronavirus response. Recently, the big man posted a video of himself mocking Trump to his Twitter page. In it, the lefty entertainer pretended to be a dumb, overzealous Trump fan in an effort to make fun of Trump’s failures, his supporters, his children and his looks. “Super Duper Dave Bautista here. Sorry I’m all sweaty,” he began, starting early with Read More

Celebs Hit Trump Virus Regimen: ‘Chloroquine Washed Down With Bleach’

President Trump’s announcement that he had been taking hydroxychloroquine sulfate as a treatment for coronavirus prevention sent leftwing Twitter into a frenzy on Tuesday morning. Hollywood lefties laid into Trump for his use of the drug, which is still classified as an “experimental” treatment for coronavirus. It was another opportunity for the Trump-haters to brand him as a crackpot. The media has rushed to condemn the treatment ever since the president and some in the medical community claimed it might retard covid’s attack on the lungs. But, since the drug isn’t fully FDA-approved outside of hospital settings Read More

‘F*** Both of You’: Ivanka Trump & Musk Berated By

It seems that no Trump family member or famous anti-quarantine protester can make a reference to The Matrix without a nasty earful from one of its co-creators. Both Ivanka Trump and Tesla founder Elon Musk took some heat from Matrix creator Lilly Wachowski for tweeting about taking the “red pill” on Sunday. Lilly, a transgender woman who coined the term “red pill” along with his brother (another trans woman) back when they made the first installment of the sci-fi trilogy, blasted the business moguls with a charming “F**k both of you.” Musk, who has been railing against draconian stay-at-home Read More

Celebs Triggered By Trump's Edited ‘Independence Day’ Meme

President Trump sure appreciates the value of a well-placed meme and he tweeted out a doozy over the weekend, making many people with a sense of humor chuckle and of course triggering lefties from sea to shining sea. Trump’s latest Twitter controversy came from him sharing a meme from pro-Trump account “Mad ‘ObamaGate’ Liberals” on May 16, featuring the president’s face superimposed on actor Bill Pullman’s head during a scene from 90s action movie Independence Day. Of course the scene Trump was digitally inserted into was that of the climactic speech given by movie President Whitmore (played by Read More

Crackpot Alyssa Milano Demands ‘Mail-in Voting’ for 2020 Election

Actress Alyssa Milano just doesn’t know when to quit. After completely destroying her own credibility as a feminist by choosing to support Joe Biden despite his sexual assault allegations, she’s trying her hand at fighting “voter fraud.” Though based on her views on the subject, it’s clear she’s just as much of a crackpot on this issue as she is on all the other ones.In a column written on May 14, the actress condemned Republican efforts to prevent mail-in voting becoming a major method of deciding the presidential election in 2020, writing that they are “Read More

'Covid 45’: ‘Guns N’ Roses’ Sell Anti-Trump Band T-Shirts

One 80s rock group isn’t content with being a part of rock ‘n’ roll history and has been trying way too hard at gaining relevance by selling band merch with political attacks against President Trump. Spurred on by its frontman’s hatred for the 45th president, legendary hard rock band Guns N’ Roses has started marketing band T-shirts which include hateful messages directed at Trump and his coronavirus response. The band’s Twitter page revealed its new politically-charged GNR T-shirts on Wednesday, May 13. The message emblazoned on each black shirt was a reference to the band’s famous 1991 cover Read More