Podcast Host Tweets About Spreading Coronavirus to Trump Supporters

The media’s treatment of the coronavirus outbreak is insane. Instead of the typical intense fear-mongering, pundits and commentators have been weaponizing the disease politically, insisting that the Trump administration is exacerbating the situation, and even going so far as to push the idea of spreading the virus at Trump rallies. Pakistani-Canadian media man Ali A. Rizvi posted a disgusting quip about Trump supporters on Friday, Feb. 28. The producer of the “Secular Jihadist” podcast and “Atheist Muslim” author proved how godless he is by wishing the coronavirus on Trump supporters. Not kidding. And it wasn’t just about waiting for Read More

Taylor Swift Plays ‘Manspreading’ Toxic White Male in Music Video

The far left reboot of Taylor Swift is continuing her work of alienating conservatives and most other normal folks from her fanbase. The singer unveiled her music video for her misogyny-crushing anthem “The Man,” featuring her play-acting as a man and doing all the things your typical toxic white male gets away with that women can’t. Like smoking cigars while manspreading on subway cars, or behaving like an arrogant jerk on a yacht with models? Well if your info comes from a Swift music video, these are the problems with guys these days. Swift’s video for “The Man” Read More

‘Pray’ the Plague Away: Rosie & Co. Mock Trump’s Disease

Hollywood knows how to come up with ticket-selling doomsday scenarios and their imagined outcome of the coronavirus is no less devastating than the events of Independence Day. Well, actually, they’re worse, because this time our own president is supposedly helping along the end of the world. Hollywood’s most unhinged denizens channeled their fears about the potential global plague onto the Trump administration, deciding to forego thinking up some solutions and instead taking to Twitter to say that, with Trump and Pence involved, we’re all going to die. Of course, who better than the incomparable Rosie O’Donnell Read More

TRIGGERED: NYT Columnist Gail Collins Calls Coronavirus ‘Trumpvirus’

The left is so deranged, so unhinged and so obsessed with hating President Trump, that they are actually making him the face of coronavirus in order to spread fear. One New York Times Op-ed decided to defy all sense and call the potential pandemic the “Trumpvirus.” No kidding. New York Times Opinion writer Gail Collins penned 2020’s most Trump-triggered op-ed yet, titled, “Let’s Call It Trumpvirus.” The lede did an even better job of summing up the current state of the far-left’s psychology: “If you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame.” Wow and there it is. Read More

GMA Adores Bizarre Story of 4 Families Started By Single

In one of the strangest “feel-good” stories you’re likely to find, Good Morning America featured a segment on four different women and their kids, who were conceived all from the same male donor.The big hook is that these separate “half-families” have met up and become some sort of hybrid family, which is sweet in a grotesque and depraved sort of way. GMA lavished praise on the fatherless configuration as a “family of choice” and a “new 21st century family.” Oh yes, because progress is explaining to your kids that your father was less supportive than a medical test Read More

SNL’s Pete Davidson Regrets Apologizing to Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Well, irreverent Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson certainly doesn’t understand the concept of “no take backs.” During a recent stand-up performance, SNL’s resident apathetic millennial walked back his 2018 on-air apology to then-Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), claiming now that he regrets making the Republican congressman “famous.” We assume that means that Davidson still thinks that Crenshaw looks “like a hitman in a porno.” What a class act. Washington Times reporter Jessica Chasmar reported that Davidson admitted that he was “forced to apologize” after making fun of the veteran during a 2018 segment of the sketch series. He told Read More

Hank Azaria Explains Why He Quit 'Apu' Role, ‘Didn’t Feel

The Simpsons voiceover actor Hank Azaria is coming out about his recent decision to step down from the role of Indian “Kwik-E-Mart” owner Apu in the legendary animated series, claiming, “It just didn’t feel right.” Sure, dude, that’s exactly what we’d expect from someone who was scared straight by the Twitter woke mob. Beginning in 2017 with the TruTV documentary “The Problem With Apu,” the decades-old Indian character began to crumple under the weight of the woke brigade’s scrutiny. A New York Times article written by Vikas Bajaj solidified the outrage, slamming the depiction as a case Read More

Actor Ruffalo Asks Other Countries To Stop 'Public Enemy No.

Actor Mark Ruffalo is out here saving the world one promotional interview at a time, at least he thinks so. Talking to a reporter about his new environmentally-focused movie, the climate change-obsessed celeb warned viewers that President Trump is “public enemy number one.”Rufflalo starring in a movie about activists taking down a chemical company is a powerful recipe for some classic Hollywood virtue-signaling. The Avengers actor talked to British outlet Sky News about his new film Dark Waters in which he plays the man who takes on DuPont’s coverup of dumping toxic waste in “West Virginia over a Read More

‘Can’t Wait’ For Bernie Haters ‘To Die Out’: Celebs Feel

“Democratic socialist” and commie sympathizer Sen. Benie Sanders’ lead over the other Democratic 2020 nominees should terrify anyone who’s read a history book. Sadly, the enthusiasm shown for the Vermont Senator, especially in Hollywood, is evidence that many don’t know socialism leads to economic stagnation at best, and the horrors of the Soviet system, Maoist China and Castro’s Cuba at worst. Several celebs have shown great support for the Senator since his Nevada Primary victory, tweeting that he’s the answer to Trump. So what if anyone has to visit any gulags? Ellen producer Andy Lassner produced one Read More

Jeremy Irons Abandons Anti-Abortion Views At Woke Berlin Film Fest

British actor Jeremy Irons knows his position as jury president of the Berlinale film festival would be compromised if he stuck to his moderate views on abortion and gay marriage, so of course he corrected the record as soon as the event began. Irons, famous for playing the villainous lion Scar in The Lion King, addressed unwoke political stances from his past during the opening press conference of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. As president of the festival jury, the classically-trained actor faced the woke mob that had been dredging up past interview featuring his moderate views on abortion, Read More