NYTimes Sees Conservative 'Assault on Virus Orders,’ No Label on

As some states take tentative steps towards resuming normal life, the New York Times on Thursday warned that Attorney General Bill Barr was getting into the debate on the side of fighting state restrictions on commerce and assembly. Reporters Lisa Lerer and Kenneth Vogel penned "Justice Dept. Signals Support for Fight Against Restrictions.” The text box set the hostile tone: “Conservative groups make an assault on virus orders.”The neutral headline hid a stark labeling discrepancy dominated, as ten “conservative” labels to underline the concern readers were supposed to take, versus zero liberal ones -- this in a story Read More

NYT: Virus Crisis 'Outgrowth of Exploitative' Capitalism, Reaganism

In “Reconciling the Pandemic With the Nation’s Self-Image,” her left-wing essay disguised as news in Wednesday’s New York Times, culture reporter Jennifer Schuessler used an ill-concealed gloating tone, as if the pandemic, which caught the whole world (except China) off guard, is the final blow to naive Reaganesque pride in American uniqueness.She even quoted a liberal historian attacking America for being in the thrall of Ronald Reagan.  But first, there was this:  “It can’t happen here” is an enduring refrain in American culture, a reflection of the idea -- whether invoked ironically or in earnest -- Read More

NYT Front-Page 'News': 'Science Speaks (But President Rarely Listens)'

The New York Times used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to unleash hostile anti-Trump opinion on its front page Wednesday in a “news analysis” by Lisa Friedman and Brad Plumer that played the tired trope of Trump vs science: “Science Speaks (But President Rarely Listens).” The jump-page text box: “A history of ignoring or playing down facts in cutting regulations.”Never mind that cutting regulations has been part of America’s fight against the coronavirus. After mocking Trump’s boastfulness, Friedman and Plumer got into the meat of their front-page "news" tirade: ....a disregard for scientific advice Read More

NYT: States 'Undermining' Stay-at-Home Efforts As 'Grim Milestone' Set

The front of Tuesday's New York Times tackled how various states plan to re-open for business over a surprisingly sunny banner headline, “States Set Course To Unlock Doors Of U.S. Commerce.” The story's own headline: “Texas Thinks Big – Ohio Is Cautious.”But that optimistic beginning was swiftly overridden by the doubt-ridden tone of reporters Jack Healy, Manny Fernandez, and Peter Baker, teaming up to seed the ground to say “I told you so” if the states' plans backfired and coronavirus cases shot back up: Governors across the country forged ahead Monday with plans to reopen their economies, Read More

NY Times Front Page: Dumb Donald Wants Us to Drink

The New York Times thinks it finally has President Trump cornered, after his confusing speculation about disinfectants at a coronavirus briefing last week. The paper used the comments to imply the president is a dim bulb on Monday's front page, with reporter Matt Flegenheimer’s “political memo” carrying the hopeful headline “A Disinfectant That May Mar Trump’s Teflon.”The online headline deck was blunter: “Trump’s Disinfectant Remark Raises a Question About the ‘Very Stable Genius’ -- The president has often said he is exceptionally smart. His recent suggestion about injecting disinfectants was not.” “Suggestion” is an awfully Read More

NYTimes Praises 'Eulogist and Comforter' Clinton vs. Detonating Trump

Monday’s “Political Memo” from New York Times chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich was a more-solemn-than-usual take from the generally snarky Leibovich, but still in the service of the Democratic Party and in opposition to President Trump. The online headline: “Trump Turns Shared American Experiences Into Us vs. Them.”Monday’s print version featured a photo of then-President Bill Clinton at a prayer service for victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. He then used Clinton, who would smear talk radio for instigating the terror, as a healer. Leibovich began by noting the 25th anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Read More

NYT Distorts Trump’s ‘Cure-All,’ Blames Him for Tank Cleaner Death

President Trump performed some confusing speculation on the efficacy of ultraviolet light and disinfectants during his coronavirus briefing Thursday, and as usual, the New York Times overstated the facts to push its anti-Trump agenda.Saturday’s front-page story appeared under the distorted headline, “Science Fires Back Loudly on Trump’s Cure-All.” In Maryland, so many callers flooded a health hotline with questions that the state’s Emergency Management Agency had to issue a warning that “under no circumstances” should any disinfectant be taken to treat the coronavirus. In Washington State, officials urged people not to consume laundry detergent capsules. Across Read More

Stay Classy, NYT: With Trump, U.S.Only Leading World in Corona

The New York Times has long accused America of meddling in other countries’ affairs. Now all of a sudden, “American Leadership” is missed, at least when the complaint can be used against Donald Trump, as shown in Berlin-based Katrin Bennhold’s editorializing news story on Friday, “‘How Can This Happen?’: A World Missing American Leadership.”It’s pretty hypocritical for the Times to hammer Trump for refusing a global leadership role he did not campaign on, and which the paper would have rejected as bullying if he ever attempted. As images of America’s overwhelmed hospital wards and snaking jobless Read More

NYT Finally Pushes Back Against Chinese Communist Corona Propaganda

At long last, the New York Times performed a little pushback against the China Communist Party's coronavirus propaganda, which the Times itself has all too often swallowed whole.News columnist Li Yuan took a personal tone in Thursday’s “China Builds Culture of Hate With Selective Coverage of the Pandemic.” As a bonus, she highlighted how China has made Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, a stooge for the regime. Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show,” has won praise on the Chinese internet for his searing criticism of the Trump administration’s mishandling of the coronavirus Read More

NYTimes Marks Earth Day: ‘I Need Help Arguing With My

The New York Times has run several off-key stories about supposed environmental bright sides and silver linings to the coronavirus pandemic, leveraging a real crisis for a hypothetical one.Now on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the paper urged readers to take advantage of their sudden new leisure time by reading environmental screeds, under the hectoring headline, “The Year You Finally Read About Climate Change.” Or rather, fantastical apocalyptic fiction about climate change. Of the 21 books recommended in the two-page spread in Wednesday Arts section, half (10) were works of fiction. A heading over a non-fiction book recommendation, “I need Read More