NY Times Front Page Pushes Biden to ‘Bolder Agenda’ (i.e.

The New York Times has not hesitated to use the coronavirus crisis to push its left-wing policy priorities. Reporter Alexander Burns devoted 2,000 words on the front page of Monday’s edition to “Biden Pursues Ideas to Match Scale of Crisis -- Left Sees an Opening for a Bolder Agenda.” The online headline was simplistic: “Seeking: Big Democratic Ideas That Make Everything Better.” More than 36 million Americans are suddenly unemployed. Congress has allocated $2.2 trillion in aid, with more likely to be on the way as a fight looms over government debt. Millions more people are losing their health insurance and struggling Read More

NYT's Hulse Pens New 'GOP Caves' Story: 'Resistance…Unsustainable'

Saturday’s New York Times cheered on the no-limits left-wing spending wishlist of congressional Democrats in “G.O.P.’s Slow Approach To Aid Risks Blowback” by congressional reporter Carl Hulse. It is Hulse’s favorite type of story, one he has written and rewritten constantly over the years: Democrats in Congress pressuring Republicans to cave in on one thing or another -- immigration, spending, taxes, etc. More than eight weeks and almost $2.8 trillion federal dollars into an urgent response to the coronavirus pandemic, congressional Republicans and the Trump administration have made it clear that they are in no rush Read More

NYT's China Pleaser Discovers Regime's Lies, Still Blames Trump

The front page of Tuesday’s New York Times focused on the brewing battle between Australia and China over the coronavirus pandemic in a “news analysis” by Damien Cave and Isabella Kwai: “Lesser Powers Link Up to Fill A Global Void.”It’s a semi-antidote to Cave’s previous pro-China gullibility, but still marred by extraneous Trump criticism. Cave embarrassed himself in March by shilling for Communist China’s response to the coronavirus: The fear and suspicion directed at China in the devastating early days of the coronavirus outbreak have made a 180-degree turn: It is the West that now Read More

NY Times Condescends: 'McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us'

Nicholas Kristof linked his love for big-spending European nations to the coronavirus pandemic in a full-page column for Sunday’s New York Times, “McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us.” President Trump thunders that Democrats are trying to drag America toward “socialism,” Vice President Mike Pence warns that Democrats aim to “impose socialism on the American people,” and even some Democrats warn against becoming, as one put it, “[expletive] Denmark.” So, before the coronavirus pandemic, I crept behind [expletive] Danish lines to explore: How scary is Denmark? How horrifying would it be if the United States took a step or Read More

NY Times Whines: GOP Science 'Denialists' 'Seized' on Wacky Green

New York Times environmental activist reporter Lisa Friedman, whose paper has taken advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to push liberal causes, now regrets Republicans have “seized” on (wholly justified) fears about Democratic environmental policy in her piece entitled, “G.O.P. Aims to Use Pain Of Shutdown to Tarnish Climate Change Policies.” Also, Matthew Rosenberg and Jim Rutenberg offered more biased labeling in their latest attempt to unmask the right-wing propaganda machine of their fevered imaginations.Friedman makes a habit of shouting “climate denial,” and did the same on Saturday: The coronavirus and the struggle to contain it has tanked Read More

NYTimes Headline Hijinks Hide Abortion Danger for Dems:'Deal Breaker'?

Reporter Maggie Astor profiled several young conservatives for her full-page lead National story in Thursday’s New York Times: “For Young Republicans, Abortion Fight Remains a Deal Breaker -- A generation’s conservatives say the policy issue outranks their concerns about Trump and the environment.”The framing of that headline is so strange. At first glance, one could easily think the “deal breaker” refers to the abortion issue being an electoral problem for the Republican Party, as liberal youth flee to socially liberal Democrats. But the story itself clarified (if evasively) that it's support for the Democratic Party that Read More

NYT Devotes Full Page of Fawning to AOC, Who Alone

Tuesday’s New York Times used the coronavirus pandemic to push both the leftist fight against “inequality” and left-wing politician Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She was fawned over in the lead National story slot, a full-page profile: “Lonely Voice in Congress Amplifies Plight of a Stricken District.”Mark Leibovich who recently hailed “eulogist and comforter” (but not serial sexual harasser?) Bill Clinton, leaned even further left to bow to the media's favorite democratic socialist (click “expand”): Today, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress -- known simply as A.O.C. -- owns another distinction, this one far grimmer: She Read More

NYT No Longer Believes All Women: 'Doesn't Mean Every Woman

The New York Times is waking up to Tara Reade’s accusation of sexual assault against likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Yet the paper is still flattering Biden's party with its concern over #MeToo issues, “vitally important to many members of his party.”Saturday’s off-lead story dealt with Biden’s uncomfortable interview on the subject with Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Reporters Katie Glueck, Lisa Lerer, and Sydney Ember teamed for “Biden, Breaking Silence, Denies Assaulting Aide." They actually gave Biden credit for his response. Mr. Biden, in arguing that victims should be heard while Read More

WHO Do They Think They Are? NYT Still Shills for

The New York Times may have slightly changed its tune on reporting how Communist China has indeed covered up and taken advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, but the paper is still reliably shilling for the World Health Organization’s China-corrupted response to the crisis, as demonstrated previously and in several recent pieces.A hysterical piece from Friday by reporters Sheera Frenkel and Davey Alba, debating whether President Trump should have his speculation over a disinfectant treatment removed from Facebook, flattered the W.H.O.: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, said in March that promoting bleach as a cure for Read More

NY Times Media Columnist Wonders Why Tara Reade's Not on

Recently appointed New York Times media columnist Ben Smith has hit the ground running. Unlike his predecessor Jim Rutenberg, Smith manages to find alternative stories to attacking Fox News again and again. On Friday he dove in to the lack of press time for Tara Reade, who has accused likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault: “Why Won’t Television News Put the Accuser on the Air?”Smith performed a familiar columnist sleight-of-hand trick: There were good reasons to be skeptical of her 20-year-old allegations: She’d changed her story and said some weird stuff, and even denied the Read More