NY Times Says Pandemic Should Stop 'Me First' Conservatism

The New York Times lead National “news” story on Friday was a full-page attack on conservatives by NewsBusters regular Jeremy Peters, who once again used the coronavirus pandemic as a cudgel: “‘The Crisis of 2020,’ Predicted in 1991: What’s Next?”Peters first marveled at how the 1991 book “Generations” by William Strauss and Neil Howe predicted an “unspecified calamity” in 2020. (Strauss and Howe popularized the generational terms “Generation X,” “The Silent Generation” and “Millennials.”) Peters forwarded Howe’s post-pandemic prediction of “a generational realignment" that "does not bode well for President Trump or the Republicans." Of course it doesn'Read More

NY Times Front Page: 'Coronavirus Is Deadliest Where Democrats Live'

It’s official: The coronavirus is a partisan weapon for the New York Times. The paper deployed it in its co-lead story slot Monday -- Memoridal Day -- “Virus at Its Deadliest in the Strongholds of Democrats.” The online version of that headline was even blunter: “The Coronavirus Is Deadliest Where Democrats Live.” Those are awfully partisan ways to frame the health crisis, seemingly geared to make or keep people angry. and apart.Reporters Jennifer Medina and Robert Gebeloff told the faintly tasteless story of a Red America blissfully unaware of the suffering of Blue America, while slamming "right-wing Read More

NYT Spreads Election Conspiracy: ‘How Far Would Trump Go to

The feverish conspiracy theories (will Trump cancel the November elections? Will he refuse to accept defeat?) have spread from late-night “comedians” to the august pages of the New York Times.In the lead article in Monday's National section, reporter Reid Epstein began his story -- “How Far Would Trump Go to Keep Job? Foes Brainstorm Options – Anxiety Levels Increase As the President Attacks The Integrity of the Vote." Epstein wasn't dealing in facts as much as Resistance "doomsday scenarios." In October, President Trump declares a state of emergency in major cities in battleground states, like Read More

Unmasking Mask Hypocrisy at the New York Times and Time

New York Times reporter Annie Karni followed President Trump on his tour of a Ford plant in Michigan and adopted a judgmental tone when Trump refused to wear a protective mask in front of reporters: Mr. Trump toured the factory without wearing a face mask, despite the plant’s guidelines that required anyone on the site to have a face covering to protect from the spread of the coronavirus....the latest sign that Mr. Trump is more concerned about the optics of wearing a face mask than with following the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Read More

NYT Praises Pelosi's Politicized Masks; Ivanka Was 'Movie Bank Robber'

New York Times fashion reporter Vanessa Friedman paid homage to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s politically powerful...facemasks? in the Thursday Styles section, “The Many Masks of Nancy Pelosi,” complete with five photos of Pelosi in masks which were color-coordinated with her scarves and outfits (click “expand”): Late last week, as she was leading the charge to push the Democrats’ $3 trillion pandemic relief package through the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi strode the floor of the Capitol in a fuchsia pantsuit, red pumps, white shell -- and a coordinated red, white and green cherry-print face mask. This was the day after Read More

NYT: Vote Fraud ‘Debunked,’ Worried Trump Will Reject Election Results

New York Times reporter Michael Wines is back on his hobby horse of downplaying vote fraud and throwing accusations of bad faith and voter suppression at Republicans, on the front of Tuesday’s paper: “Republicans to Pursue a Crackdown on Voting.”The jump-page headline told you what to think with “Using Debunked Premise, Republicans Plan to Crack Down on Voting”: Six months before a presidential election in which turnout could matter more than persuasion, the Republican Party, the Trump campaign and conservative activists are mounting an aggressive national effort to shape who gets to vote in November -- and whose Read More

NYT's Lerer Admits ‘Red-Pill’ Ignorance, Lets Lorenz Rant About Nazis

It’s embarrassing enough for New York Times reporter Lisa Lerer, who covers "campaigns, elections and political power,” to publicly admit she has no idea what “red-pill” signifies. A reference was recently tweeted by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is fighting California’s coronavirus restrictions on business, and Lerer was on it, in her political rundown in Tuesday's edition.(“Red-pill” originated in the sci-fi movie The Matrix, where the hero Neo learns he's been living in a simulation and is offered a choice of a blue or red pill. The blue pill offers a return to blissful Read More

NYT Enthuses Over 'Occupy Democrats': Immigrant Twins vs Trump Machine

New York Times reporter Nick Corasaniti celebrated the creators of the Facebook page Occupy Democrats in a big profile on Tuesday, “Immigrant Twin Brothers Battle Trump Machine on Facebook” It was a campaign video that reached seemingly every Democratic corner of the internet: former President Barack Obama’s 12-minute endorsement of his former vice president and indictment of the current president. On Mr. Obama’s Facebook page, one of the most popular destinations in politics with 55.3 million followers, his endorsement of Joseph R. Biden Jr. was viewed more than four million times. But another Facebook page, run by twin brothers Read More