NYT: Pence 'No Training or Expertise' vs. Obama's Confident Ebola

Continuing to politicize the coronavirus, the New York Times Abby Goodnough on Friday attacked President Trump putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus task force in “Trump Said Pence Had ‘Talent’ on Health Policy. A Review of His Record.” So what does Mr. Pence’s record on health care look like? He has no training or expertise in health policy. Paradoxically, the two health initiatives that he got the most attention for in Indiana are actions that many in the Republican Party have strongly opposed. In 2015, he was one of the first Republican governors who agreed to Read More

NYTimes Lead: Trump's Already Squandered Credibility on Coronavirus

The New York Times used the coronavirus story as a carrier for the same Trump-bashing that infects the paper like the common cold. Thursday’s edition led with the banner headline, “Trump Taps Pence To Lead As Virus Spreads.” Underneath was “news analysis” by Annie Karni, Michael Crowley, and Maggie Haberman, “Facing Potential Test in Public Trust, Too.”They led with Trump’s silly “Sharpie” moment during Hurricane Dorian, then raised the stakes. For years, experts have warned that Mr. Trump has been squandering the credibility he could need in a moment of national emergency, like a terrorist attack or Read More

New York Times' Gabriel Blames Democratic Insult Hurling on…Trump?

The New York Times blames President Trump for everything, including the nasty and personally insulting tone of the Democratic primary race.Trump was blamed no less than four times in Trip Gabriel's story ostensibly about divided Democrats: “A Sign of the Times? The Democratic Primary Has Become a Free-for-All.” The text box expressed who was really at fault: “A level of personal animus that was rare before the Trump era.” No one has tagged a rival with a bully-boy nickname like “Sleepy” or “Liddle.” But as push comes to shove in the Democratic primary, candidates and their surrogates have Read More

NY Times Hypocrites Worry About Bernie's Praise of Cuban Literacy

After Sen. Bernie Sanders doubled down on his past praise for aspects of the Communist regime of Cuba, Patricia Mazzei reported “Florida Democrats Try to Limit Harm From Sanders’s Castro Comments” in Tuesday’s New York Times.But the paper’s sudden concern about Sanders praising high literacy under Fidel Castro’s dictatorship look hypocritical, considering how oftenTimes reporters have embraced this factoid in defense of the island regime. That suggests the newfound  concern is motivated more by fears of Trump in 2020 than of communism. Comments from Senator Bernie Sanders praising aspects of the Communist Cuban revolution drew a Read More

Wow: NYTimes Warns 'Teflon Candidate' Sanders Will Get More Scrutiny

It’s not your imagination: Though The New York Times is undeniably liberal in its reporting, it has been distinctly cool in coverage of the most left-wing Democratic candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). In 2016 reporters tried to pester Sanders out of the race against Hillary Clinton. Is it principled ideology, or partisan fear that their Democratic Party is blowing its best chance to oust Trump?Either way, the paper fired a shot across Bernie’s bow Sunday with a story bluntly warning him to watch out, then laid out why, even using an old media insult to Ronald Reagan: “Sanders, Read More

Russia-Gate II? NYT Still Crying ‘Conspiracy' on Vindicated Nunes Memo

Well, the big lead story in Friday’s New York Times shouting “House Is Warned Or Russian Effort To Bolster Trump,” has been challenged by a national security official cited by CNN’s Jake Tapper, and also somewhat neutralized by the paper’s lead story Saturday,  “Sanders Is Told Of Russian Push To Aid Campaign.” But don’t think the Times is done trying to resuscitate the Russia controversy as a cudgel against Trump.On Saturday, the paper reported petulantly on Richard Grenell, ambassador to Germany and now the new acting director of national intelligence, in the slanted “Grenell Brings Read More

NYT Cheers Warren's 'Fighting' Comeback, Notes 'White' Klobuchar Fans

null In the aftermath of the Democratic debate in Las Vegas, the New York Times queened Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s return to form, but provided a chillier reception to Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Friday’s piece by Shane Goldmacher and Astead Herndon, “Facing a Potential Last Stand, Warren Unleashes Rhetorical Howitzers,” played Warren’s attacks on debate newbie Michael Bloomberg dramatically, with Warren playing vanquishing hero. Hours before Senator Elizabeth Warren would take the stage in front of the largest television audience in Democratic debate history, she was holed up in a Bellagio hotel suite outfitted with six podiums for her Read More

NY Times Cheers Warren Vs. 'Conservative' Columnist… Jennifer Rubin?

New York Times political reporter Maggie Astor noted Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s fierce takedown of late entry Mike Bloomberg Thursday morning after the fiery Las Vegas debate, and betrayed both pro-Warren cheerleading and grievous gaps in her knowledge of popular political analysts: “Elizabeth Warren, Criticizing Bloomberg, Sent a Message: She Won’t Be Ignored.”The Times probably didn't want the Fatal Attraction echo that headline might cause.  Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts took the stage Wednesday night in Las Vegas with one task: to reassert herself in a race where attention had slipped away from her. And she did Read More

Partisan New York Times: Trump’s Clemency ‘Spree’ vs Obama’s ‘Mercy’

On Wednesday, the front page of The New York Times was topped with a hostile lead story: “Trump Exerts His Power With a Spree of Pardons – Critics Denounce Clemency for Blagojevich, Milken and Kerik as Undeserved” by Michael Shear and Maggie Haberman.Catch the echo of “crime spree” in the headline? This was all about aiding rich and powerful white guys:  President Trump, citing what he said was advice from friends and business associates, granted clemency on Tuesday to a who’s who of white-collar criminals from politics, sports and business who were convicted on charges involving fraud, corruption and Read More