Hollywood Loved Obama's Embrace of Pop Culture, Recoils at Trump's

President Barack Obama owned pop culture, sometimes literally.Remember how many stars pledged their allegiance to Obama during his first term? [embedded content] In return, President Obama acted like all of pop culture had his back, and he had a point. He slow jammed the news, shared his March Madness polls on every available TV outlet and even hawked his deeply flawed health care overhaul on Between Two Ferns. When he left office Obama signed up with Netflix to continue his pop culture mastery. Enter the Trumps. Not only is President Donald Trump a TV and film veteran, he’s Read More

Will Bill Clinton Be Featured in Netflix’s Epstein Documentary?

Netflix is going where too many journalists fear to tread, but there’s a catch.The streaming giant just released our first look at Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, a docuseries chronicling the late multi-millionaire’s sordid life. [embedded content] Epstein’s 2019 suicide unlocked a bevy of unanswered questions about much more than his crimes. Who helped Epstein secure the young women he allegedly brought to his lavish properties? Did he have connections with some of the most powerful people in our culture? What’s the real story behind his suicide, a question that turned even cynical souls into conspiracy theorists? Read More

Early Look at 'Space Force': Trump Bashing and Praise for

Modern comedians have President Donald Trump living rent free in their heads for better and certainly worse.The laugh industry is obsessed with America’s 45th president. Trump turned late night monologues into DNC jam sessions, to say nothing of how he crushed Saturday Night Live’s apolitical lineage. Now, we have Space Force. The Netflix comedy, bowing May 29, casts Steve Carell as the head of the newly launched government program. The idea, in theory, stems from President Trump’s vow to create a space-based arm of the U.S. Military. That concept isn’t new, but Trump put serious Read More

Remember What Hollywood’s MeToo Activists Said About Brett Kavanaugh?

Hollywood’s MeToo warriors are united in silence regarding the credible sexual assault accusations against Joe Biden.The evidence supporting Tara Reade’s claim that the Democrats’ presumptive presidential candidate attacked her in 1993 continues to grow. We have video proof of her mother telling Larry King about her daughter’s sexual attack, and how the powers that be wouldn’t support her at the time. That matches with the ex-Biden staffer’s story. More recently, a Reade neighbor confirmed the ex-Biden staffer told her the Senator assaulted her shortly after the time of the alleged attack. That’s in addition Read More

Red Dawn Director Blasts: 'Hollywood Disdains Flyover Country’

Director John Millius is nothing less than a legend.Milius played a critical role in ’70s cinema, and beyond. He wrote Apocalypse Now, Conan the Barbarian and helped sculpt two Dirty Harry films. The auteur’s 1984 action film Red Dawn quickly achieved cult film status, influencing a generation of rebels in the process. His creative ties to fellow legends George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola fleshed out the 2013 documentary Milius. [embedded content] The director suffered a stroke in 2010 and currently battles aphasia, which makes communicating difficult. He nonetheless agreed to a RebellerMedia.com interview this week, a wide-ranging exchange that Read More

Remember When Lady Gaga Joined Biden for MeToo PSA?

Hollywood loves nothing more than teaming with politicians to send a message.Stars spent eight full years coordinating with the Obama administration on everything from volunteerism to the calamitous ObamaCare rollout. That sense of unity disappeared like so many Thanos victims once a Republican entered the White House in 2017. Still, perhaps the most jaw-dropping partnership from the Obama years had nothing to do with the President himself. Pop singer Lady Gaga teamed with Vice President Joe Biden for a PSA and campaign about sexual abuse. [embedded content] “Lady Gaga has been the voice for people who have been forgotten and Read More

Milano’s Biden Defense Is More Pathetic Than You Can Imagine

Let’s cut actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano some slack.There’s no way Milano could explain away her support for Vice President Joe Biden in light of the crush of allegations against him. Still, Milano’s belated response, after being called out across social media and by fellow #MeToo warrior Rose McGowan, is both too late and too insipid to believe. The Democrats’ likely choice to challenge President Donald Trump this fall has a documented history of creepy behavior around women. Much of it is on tape, too. More recently, those incidents took a toxic turn when an ex-staffer alleged he Read More

Top Movie Producer Declares: Hollywood Is 'Out of Touch with

Two things are certifiably true about producer Jason Blum.He’s as left of center as his Hollywood peers, witness his previous comments about President Donald Trump. Blum’s films reflect that progressive spirit. Think Get Out and the Purge franchise as prime examples. We’re just learning a third truism about the famed producer, something more important given the tenor of our times. He’s not a fan of the woke mob, nor does he want to silence his ideological foes. He’s ready to talk to conservatives and listen. Think that’s a pose to promote his newest Read More

Hollywood’s Tone Deaf ‘Imagine’ Cover Unites Left, Right

Thank you, Gal Gadot.The Wonder Woman star may not have realized it at the time, but her effort to boost our spirits in the face of the current crisis worked better than she could have realized. Only the impact wasn’t what she had in mind. At all. The actress organized a group of famous friends, including Norah Jones, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams, to sing John Lennon’s classic single, “Imagine.” Conservative web sites slammed the video, not unexpectedly. Right-leaning folk aren’t keen on the song’s socialist underpinnings, atheism and borderless world. “Read More

Feminist Groups Silent on Vile, Sexist Slam on Melania By

Feminists have spent the last week mourning Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s failed presidential bid.The Massachusetts Senator had a plan for everything, they cried. Only sexism could explain her shocking fall from front runner to also ran status. She wasn’t “likable” enough, sexist reporters alleged. What else could explain her failure? The Guardian said Sen. Warren “endured sexism at every step of her campaign.” The Senator herself happily played into the narrative. “Gender in this race — you know, that is the trap question for every woman,” Warren said, standing outside her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, after announcing she would Read More