Bozell Statement: CNN Is Colluding with Biden to Bury Tara

First it was omission, now it is outright collusion with the Biden presidential campaign. First, CNN kept hidden their own footage that links Biden to a sexual assault. CNN would have succeeded in keeping that hidden but for the MRC that also had, and released, the footage. After being exposed and forced to report on the story they had for years, within a day CNN has now taken it down again, trying to expunge the evidence from their online platforms. This is not China, or North Korea. In the United States, a "news" network doesn't work overtime Read More

Why Must Disney Animated Films Cave to Demands for LGBT

[Editor's Note: MRC founder and president took a side on the website The Rift on the question "Should there be more LGBT characters in Disney animation films?"]There should not be more homosexual characters in animated Disney movies and there should not be fewer. There should be none. Nor should there be anti-homosexual characters. Nor Catholics or anti-Catholics, nor Jewish people or anti-Semites, nor climate change proponents or climate change deniers. Any character’s identity and back story that doesn’t propel a simple children’s tale reflects the preoccupation of adults. This debate is not about Read More