Avlon Cites Pence's Climate Skepticism Against Him on Coronavirus

On Friday's New Day show, CNN's John Avlon presented a "Reality Check" segment in which he listed a number of alleged reasons that Vice President Mike Pence's past suggests that he will not be suitable for coordinating the federal government's efforts against the coronavirus.Avlon not only hinted that Vice President Pence's history of praying is "superstition," but, amongst his list, he even suggesting that being skeptical of climate alarmism was a sign that sometimes the vice president is "barely on speaking terms with science." At 7:44 a.m., co-host Read More

MSNBC Food Series Hits 'Criminal' Behavior of Climate 'Deniers'

On Sunday's What's Eating America?, hosted by celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern, the second episode of the new food-focused MSNBC series engaged in scaremongering with predictions about the food industry being hurt by climate change, and indicted "deniers" for not believing climate change is caused by human activity.The show used several sources who are liberal activists critical of conservatives who are skeptical of climate alarmist views, with one even calling it "criminal" for skeptics to dispute the claims of alarmists. The new MSNBC host teased the show holding a plate of food he had Read More

PBS Insists Sanders Is 'Mainstream,' Accepts Trump as 'Authoritarian'

On Monday's Amanpour & Co. show, the program demonstrated a double standard in challenging the Republican characterization of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders's socialist views when, by contrast, in the same show, former Barack Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer was not challenged on his assertion that Republicans have become "white nationalist authoritarian" with the election of President Donald Trump.Toward the end of an interview with Marc Lotter of the Trump reelection campaign, after he described Sanders as a "self-proclaimed socialist" twice, and as a "communist sympathizer," CNN/PBS host Christiane Amanpour admonished her Read More

CNN Hypes Bloomberg's Deceptive Claim of 'Child' Killed in Shooting

On Wednesday afternoon, CNN Newsroom host Brooke Baldwin provided an unchallenged forum for a Mike Bloomberg supporter to peddle a misleading story about having a "child" who was killed with a gun, which was featured in a misleading Bloomberg campaign ad played during the Super Bowl.Although the ad implied that the shooting victim, George Kemp, was a "child" when he was killed, he was, according to Reason magazine, a 20-year-old gang member who allegedly helped provoke the altercation that led to his death. Host Baldwin helpfully allowed her guest, Calandrian Simpson Kemp, to gloss over Read More

Katy Tur Frets Dems Not Far Left Enough on Global

On her Friday afternoon show, MSNBC host Katy Tur was again beating the climate alarmism drum as she devoted a segment to fretting over the fact that Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate advocating all 10 action items called for by the left-wing environmental group, Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund.Host Tur gave the group's chief political strategist, Brett Hartl, and environmental activist Amy Westervelt a forum to push for most of the Democratic candidates to move further to the left to fight global warming. The segment began with several soundbites of Democratic candidates talking left on fighting Read More

On Fox, Ex-Obama Official Defends 'Kids in Cages' Started by

On Thursday morning, Fox News again displayed the kind of good journalism that is so often lacking on the more liberal networks, as Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked former Barack Obama administration DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson about the cage-like structures that his administration built to hold illegal immigrants, including children.Johnson defended the facilities as being necessary to detain a large number of illegals quickly while keeping children and young women safe from adult detainees who were not related to them. By contrast, the rest of the media typically allows Democrats to parrot the "kids in cages&Read More

PBS Panel Caterwauls About 'Climate Crisis,' Republican 'Deniers'

On Thursday evening's Amanpour & Company show, CNN/PBS host Christiane Amanpour presided over a discussion of the Democratic presidential race which descended into environmental alarmism as she spoke with Telemundo environmental reporter Vanessa Hauc, who helped moderate the most recent Democratic debate, and CNN host Van Jones.As loaded terms like "climate crisis" and "existential issue," were used to hype the issue, Jones became so hyperbolic as to complain that fossil fuel companies spent millions to make Republicans into global warming "deniers," thus derailing alarmists in "the most crucial decade in Read More

MSNBC's Velshi Touts National Health Care, Omits Problems

On Wednesday afternoon, MSNBC host Ali Velshi talked up the liberal push for a single-payer health insurance system as he discussed the plans proposed by Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, touting the "generous" benefits promised, but not dealing with the down sides like the rationing of health care.He also bolstered the plan by noting that the U.S. fails to have a higher life expectancy than other developed countries in spite of spending more on health care, even though life-style choices like poor diet and drug abuse have been blamed for U.S. life Read More

CNN Republican Lauds Buttigieg's 'Brilliant' Slam on Limbaugh, Trump

CNN has repeatedly boosted Pete Buttigieg after Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show that voters might not be comfortable with him kissing his partner Chasten Buttigieg on stage. On Sunday's State of the Union, fill-in anchor Dana Bash tossed this softball: "Now, there has been bipartisan criticism of him for those remarks. I wanted to give you a chance to respond, if you would like to." Then in a CNN town hall on Tuesday night, CNN anchor Erin Burnett sympathetically set up Buttigieg again to attack Limbaugn and President Trump on this controversy, letting Buttigieg suggest Read More

Tapper Lets Guest Wrongly Say Bloomberg Was GOP for 'Many,

Remember the CNN motto "Facts First"? On Tuesday's The Lead with Jake Tapper, during a panel discussion of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders's and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination, no one corrected far-left guest Mehdi Hasan of al-Jazeera America when he bolstered Sanders by wrongly claiming Bloomberg was a Republican "for many, many years until 2018."In fact, Bloomberg had been a lifelong Democrat until 2001 when he switched to the Republican party to get elected mayor, but then left the party six years later to become an independent Read More