Media STILL Pretending We Can Believe China's Coronavirus Numbers

Whether motivated by ratings or by some political agenda, liberal TV news networks on Sunday acted as though the coronavirus numbers released by the Chinese Communist Party were trustworthy enough to report on American national television. Throughout Sunday morning and into the afternoon, journalists on both liberal cable (CNN and MSNBC) and broadcast (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks proclaimed that the number of confirmed cases in the United States had surpassed those in both China and Italy, even though that claim relies on dubious figures reported by the Chinese government.All five of the above networks aired the questionable statistic Read More

NBC's Chuck Todd to Biden: Does Trump Have 'Blood on

On Sunday’s Meet The Press, moderator and NBC News political director Chuck Todd conducted a sympathetic interview with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, during which he asked whether Biden believed the President had "blood on hids hands" for "mishandling" the coronavirus pandemic.Almost all of Todd’s questions were open-ended invitations for Biden to speculate about how he'd have handled the coronavirus pandemic better than the President. After several subtler attempts at teeing Biden up to take a swing at the President, Todd cut to the chase: You know, your campaign put out a Read More

VIDEO: Media Suffer 12-Day Meltdown Over Phrase ‘Chinese Virus’

TV journalists have yet to go a day without crying “racist” in the nearly two weeks since President Trump accurately stated that the current coronavirus outbreak originated in China. But although the President’s continued assertions that the virus is “Chinese” or “foreign” have so thoroughly upset the media, most of them are unable to explain what exactly has them so upset about it.Since Trump tweeted about a “foreign virus” on March 12, journalists have dialed up their disgust when reporting on the President’s word choice on the air. These instances were often accompanied by theatrical grimaces, as though Read More

CNN's Stelter Sucks Up to AT&T CEO in Simpering Softball

CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday spent a full interview with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson lobbing softballs, even as congressional talks over a coronavirus stimulus package were faltering due to, among other things, concerns about whether corporations would use the aid responsibly. However, the Reliable Sources host’s decision to genuflect rather than ask anything meaningful isn’t much of a shock when one considers that AT&T owns CNN — which technically make Randall Stelter’s boss.Below are all of the questions Stelter asked Randall, in order, during the 12:00 p.m. hour of CNN’s Reliable Read More

Study: 'Emboldened' Trump Drives Month-Long Media Panic

For more than four months, you couldn't watch TV news without hearing journalists talk about how impeaching Donald Trump was necessary for the health of the Republic. But since the liberal attempt to remove the President ended in failure, the same media talking heads are fretting about how Trump's acquittal has created an “emboldened” Chief Executive who threatens the rule of law “like never before.”MRC analysts examined all cable and broadcast news coverage from the month of February, and found 239 instances in which TV journalists alleged President Trump was “emboldened.” MSNBC led the panic parade with 110 uses Read More

STUDY: The Majority of CNN’s Coronavirus Coverage is Trump-Bashing

During national emergencies such as natural disasters or outbreaks of disease, the news media can serve as a valuable source of information for the public. Yet when it came to their coverage of the coronavirus on Thursday, CNN largely put their Trump-bashing agenda ahead of that important role.MRC analysts identified 44 guest interviews on CNN between 6:00 am and 11:59 pm EST on February 27, 2020. Out of 136 questions that hosts asked about the epidemic, 82 (60%) invited guests – even medical specialists – to criticize the Trump administration’s handling of the epidemic. Questions asked of CNN-affiliated reporters and analysts were not included in this total. Hosts Read More

Nets Bury Trump’s India Visit, Gave Obama’s 21x More Coverage

President Trump’s state visit to India received less than a single minute of evening news coverage from broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). But back in 2010, those same networks dedicated more than 20 times as much coverage (18.5 minutes) to then-President Obama’s India trip, often making it the top item of their nightly broadcasts.Each of the evening newscasts allocated just a single news brief to Trump’s trip, all on February 24 (the first day of the visit). NBC and ABC spent a paltry 13 and 15 seconds respectively on the Presidential excursion. While CBS’s report lasted just 23 seconds, it was Read More

TV News Either Misrepresents or Ignores Latest CBP Move

When the Trump administration deployed elite Customs and Border Patrol forces to round up violent offenders in ten sanctuary cities, CNN and the big three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) largely ignored the topic. The only network to devote more than two news briefs to the story over the weekend was MSNBC, which somehow managed to report fewer details in over 16 minutes of coverage than other networks covered in a single report.From February 14 through February 16, the deployment was mentioned just 14 times during all five of the above networks’ regular programming. CBS spared only 42 seconds to discuss it; NBC Read More

VIDEO: News Media Lose All Hope as Trump Is Acquitted

As the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump drew to a close, the liberal media’s interest gave way to disappointment. Television journalists gorged themselves on sour grapes, complaining at length that trial was “a sham,” the vote was “rigged,” and the outcome meant nothing aside from confirming the “guilt” of Senate Republicans.Special coverage panels assessing the damage done by Trump's acquittal concluded that the Constitution was in grave danger (as were democracy, the Senate, and indeed the nation). Bitter CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin announced: “He is gonna do this again, he said he will do it Read More