Facebook Caves to Liberal Journo, Removes Trump Ads

A liberal journalist blasted Facebook until it removed certain Trump campaign ads as the 2020 Census approaches.Founding Editor-in-Chief of the now defunct outlet Think Progress Judd Legum scorched Facebook for “running more than 1,000 ads on Facebook promoting” what he called “a fake 2020 census.” The piece written for his liberal news outlet Popular Information seems to have caused Facebook to change its mind, removing the Trump campaign’s census ads. “Just hours after this piece published,” Legum tweeted, “Facebook reversed course and said they would take all of the Trump census ads down.” Google critic Dr. Robert Epstein, a liberal himself, Read More

George Soros Reportedly Buys His Way into Video Game Industry

As if the Big Tech video game industry wasn’t liberal enough, now Soros has bought $45 million worth of shares in one of its biggest contenders.Liberal billionaire George Soros has reportedly purchased “758,000 shares, which were worth over $45 million at the end of Q4” according to Nasdaq. Activision Blizzard is famous for a widespread lineup of popular game franchises, including: ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘World of Warcraft,’ ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Candy Crush.’ Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter reportedly wrote that this is a strong choice: “The cupboard at Activision is full, and we see great potential for the company’s release pipeline Read More

Sen. Hawley Reportedly Pitches Chinese TikTok Ban for Federal Workers

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has led a crusade against the Chinese-owned video platform TikTok, and now he has reportedly proposed legislation to ban federal workers from using it on their government-issued devices.Hawley dropped the hammer on TikTok after a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on big tech’s connections to China, Reuters reported. After condemning the platform for “scooping up immense amounts of data” and “sharing it with Beijing” as they are “required to” do, Hawley suggested it is a “no-brainer” to ban “federal employees” from using it. Hawley has warned about TikTok before, and in doing so again, he Read More

The Verge: 56% in U.S. Say Gov’t Should Break Up

The Verge’s tech survey has a few big takeaways: Americans are skeptical of Facebook, want Big Tech broken up, and say Twitter is a menace to society.The Verge has conducted surveys, starting with “the hangover of the 2016 US presidential election” about the power and implications of Big Tech platforms. “That survey found that the public was increasingly skeptical of Facebook but was still reliant on it,” The Verge wrote in its March 2 article. It also revealed, “[m]ore importantly,” that Americans “generally believe the biggest tech companies have too much power and ought to be split up.” 56 percent Read More

NYTimes: YouTube Must Curb Conspiracies Like Climate Change Denial

The New York Times sees YouTube purges as a start, but still not good enough.“YouTube’s efforts to curb conspiracy theories pose a major test of Silicon Valley’s ability to combat misinformation,” The Times wrote in its March 2 coverage. It cited the findings from a University of California Berkeley study which concluded YouTube spreads fewer conspiracy theories than before, but still has a long way to go. The Times’ coverage observed that “other falsehoods continued to flourish in YouTube’s recommendations, like claims that aliens created the pyramids, that the government is hiding secret technologies and that climate Read More

Video Crackdown? YouTube Report Shows Successful Appeal Isn’t Likely

YouTube has been overhauling its policies, and one result is clear: chances to successfully appeal your content once it has been removed are slim.In YouTube’s latest Community Guidelines enforcement report spanning from Oct. to Dec. 2019, the platform revealed that after 108,779 videos were appealed after taken down, a mere 23,471 were reinstated. In short, creators are being put on notice that they have a less than twenty-two percent chance of having their content reinstated once it has been removed. The “vast majority,” or 5,344,863 of those videos, “were removed automatically (meaning a human did not oversee the removal),” and “more than 60 Read More

PEW: 74% of Americans Worried Big Tech Will Be Misused

Google critic Dr. Robert Epstein warned of Big Tech’s potential for abuse in elections -- and apparently Americans are beginning to heed his concerns.Both Republicans and Democrats appear to agree that Big Tech will be unable to prevent their platforms from being misused during the 2020 election. “[N]early three-quarters of Americans (74%) express little or no confidence” that Big Tech companies will be able to “prevent the misuse of their platforms” during the 2020 election, Pew Research Center summarized in a FactTank article on Feb. 24 on a Jan. 2020 poll. At the same time, 78 percent of those surveyed say these companies Read More

Don Jr. Says Big Tech Censorship ‘Is Probably a Top

Conservative leaders spoke at a game-changing panel about how the movement will take on Big Tech censorship.Donald Trump, Jr., House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) blasted Bich Tech bias at a Feb 28 CPAC panel “What’s the Right Path Forward on Big Tech?” This panel represented just how rapidly the conservative movement has largely overhauled its approach to the Big Tech issue in recent years. Don Jr. addressed how many in conservative leadership “have not even realized that with our base across the country this is probably a top three issue.” He commented that Read More

‘Unbelievable’! Lila Rose Says TikTok Allows Pro-Abortion Vid

After a brief controversy where the viral video app TikTok censored and reinstated a pro-life organization, the platform has allowed a viral video showing young women seemingly giddy about abortion.Live Action founder Lila Rose blasted TikTok via tweet Feb. 27 at 10:15 a.m. when she discovered an “Unbelievable” viral video she said has 4 million views, which “shows girls cheerfully walking into Planned Parenthood & one killing her baby on camera. It’s in violation of countless Community Guidelines against: ‘Violent content’ ‘Depictions of deaths’ ‘Dismembered humans’ & others.” During the drafting of this piece, Twitter removed Rose’s tweet with Read More

Ninth Circuit Rules That YouTube May Censor Conservatives

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that YouTube may censor whomever it chooses, and is not bound by the First Amendment.The ruling in Prager University v. Google dealt a blow to PragerU’s cause this past Wednesday, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage. The decision upheld the district court’s dismissal of an action brought by PragerU against YouTube and its parent company Google despite PragerU's claim that YouTube acts much like a public forum and therefore was obligated to uphold First Amendment protections for freedom of speech. "Despite YouTube's ubiquity and Read More