King Assigns Blame: '100,000 Is a Devastating Piece of Trump

John King became the latest media personality on Thursday to claim that the deaths from COVID-19, which now exceed 100,000, will be "a devastating piece of the Trump legacy." The CNN Newsroom host utilized a video montage to claim that President Trump's inconsistencies make it even worse and that Trump is hurt by his own lack of empathy.During the segment with Dana Bash, King declared, "There is no playbook for it and yet, part of the issue here is, he’s a few months from his own re-election, he wants to be re-elected for four more Read More

Cuomo Brings on Discredited FL Employee to Spread Conspiracy Theory

Apparently, when he's not violating basic journalistic ethics by interviewing and goofing around with his brother, CNN's Chris Cuomo thinks a productive use of his show is to bring on conspiracy theorists who pretend to be whistleblowers, as he did on Friday. That is, so long as they don't blow the whistle on his brother Andrew.Despite the fact that the media had portrayed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a science-denying Trump sycophant who was going to get Floridians killed, Florida's coronavirus numbers have done better than expected and far better than Andrew's New York. However, Read More

MSNBC Claims Trump Is Endangering Lives in Brazil

Throughout the current pandemic, the liberal media have tried to blame President Trump's alleged slowness and incompetence for the deaths suffered as a result from the virus. On Thursday's Andrea Mitchell Reports, MSNBC contributor Dr. Vin Gupta took it one step further when he alleged Trump is endangering people thousands of miles away in Brazil. Host Andrea Mitchell worried that Brazilians are getting bad advice from their president, Jair Bolsonaro, who has been promoting hydroxychloroquine to fight the virus: "We have to be concerned about millions of people in an enormous country that are getting exactly the Read More

Ruhle Hopes Pandemic Could Usher In a 'More Inclusive Capitalism'

On Tuesday morning, MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle became the latest cable "news" host to express hope that the current pandemic might present an opportunity to enact left-wing policies.Speaking with Bernie Sanders, Ruhle asked, "Then is there -- maybe I sound romantic, but is there an opportunity to create at a time like this a better, smarter, more inclusive capitalism?" She then congratulated Sanders on supposedly being ahead of the curve on the issue of "inclusive capitalism," as he grinned. (Team Sanders wants to end capitalism, not tweak it.) Ruhle said "last Read More

MSNBC's Simmons: China 'Making Proposals', U.S. Is 'Just Criticizing'

Keir Simmons joined Andrea Mitchell on her Tuesday MSNBC show to report on the latest developments surrounding the World Health Organization, President Trump, and China. During which, he argued that the to the rest of the world it appears that the United States is "just criticizing," while China is "making proposals" to the consternation of U.S. allies.Simmons cited as proof, President Trump's letter to the WHO threatening to permanently cut off funding while Xi Jinping delivered a speech to WHO's teleconference in which he pledged to donate $2 billion to anti-coronavirus efforts, "Read More

Acosta: Trump 'Not Dealing with the Reality of the Situation'

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta joined Chris Cuomo on Friday night to condemn President Trump's latest thoughts on re-opening, claiming Trump was operating outside of reality and is determined to reopen regardless of "whatever the hell happens."However, Acosta himself had some problems with the reality of the situation. After Cuomo lamented the lack of any coherent plan, Acosta observed, "People want to go to the beach and enjoy Memorial Day weekend. We just don't live in that world anymore." Of course, people are going to the beach in high numbers and the Read More

MSNBC Rolls Out Ben Rhodes For 'Fact Check Friday'

When doing a "Friday Fact Check" segment, there are countless options for guests that could provide intelligent thoughts on the complex matters of the day. Given those controversies include what the Obama Administration official was up to during its final days in office, former deputy national security advisor and noted spinmeister Ben Rhodes would appear to be low on at that list, but that didn't stop from Andrea Mitchell from doing it anyway.Mitchell was just the latest in MSNBC host to portray former Obama officials as objective sources of information on the unmasking of Michael Flynn. Read More

Brian Willams Puts On Brennan, Disparages Any Focus on Unmasking

Brian Williams interviewed former CIA Director and current MSNBC analyst John Brennan on Thursday's Deadline: White House on the latest controversies surrounding Michael Flynn, Team Obama, and their energetic unmasking, the viewer could be forgiven for thinking that Williams was Brennan's defense attorney.Williams began by suggesting the only reason he was even covering the story is not because it has any actual news value, but because acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell is out to vilify members of the Obama Administration and Fox News is scandal mongering: BRIAN WILLIAMS: We turn now to a developing story Read More