Over and Over, Morning Joe Hypes 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths in USA

 Over and Over, Morning Joe Hypes 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths in USA

For days now, the liberal media has been heralding the approaching 100,000 figure in US coronavirus deaths. In Thursday’s opening segment, once the official number line had been crossed, Morning Joe ghoulishly repeated the 100,000 number no less than 12 times.  

As Tim Graham wrote, arriving at this number isn’t an occasion for national mourning. It’s an opportunity to brandish an anti-Trump talking point, which is what Morning Joe offers, hour on the hour. 

What they have ignored is the reason why, over the last week, it has taken that long for the number to eventually be reached. The explanation is that the number of new deaths has, thankfully, slowed dramatically. According to the CDC, on May 25th, there were 592 new virus deaths [see chart below]. This compares to about 2,700 deaths on May 7th, representing a drop of about 78%  

If a Democrat president had presided over such a falloff, the liberal media would be shouting it from the rooftops. Instead, there was radio silence about it on Morning Joe. In today’s opening segment, there was not one mention of the encouraging statistic. Instead, Morning Joe preferred to tout the 100,00 number, ghoulishly mentioning it no fewer than 12 times. 

Here’s the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:02 am EDT

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The US will likely hit another striking measure of the pandemic by the time the sun sets today: 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus. It is a staggering number, reached at a shocking pace. From one death, to 100,000 in just three months.

. . . 

The US, under his leadership, is approaching 100,000 deaths. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: He’s talking about what a great job they have done, now that 100,000 Americans are dead . . . And now, we’re approaching, Willie, 100,000 Americans dead . . . So sadly, we’ve crossed the 100,000 threshold, but even 100,000 Americans dead doesn’t even wake this president up, Willie.

WILLIE GEIST: Imagine looking at 100,000 deaths . . . The president cannot wish away those numbers like we will see later today likely of 100,000 deaths . . . The president continues to wish this away, and declare victory on a day when 100,000 Americans will have died. 

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH: And now, there are 100,000 people dead . . . He wants to distract everybody from the fact that the United States of America is moving up to 100,000 dead Americans.