Celebs Triggered By Trump's Edited ‘Independence Day’ Meme

 Celebs Triggered By Trump's Edited ‘Independence Day’ Meme

President Trump sure appreciates the value of a well-placed meme and he tweeted out a doozy over the weekend, making many people with a sense of humor chuckle and of course triggering lefties from sea to shining sea.

Trump’s latest Twitter controversy came from him sharing a meme from pro-Trump account “Mad ‘ObamaGate’ Liberals” on May 16, featuring the president’s face superimposed on actor Bill Pullman’s head during a scene from 90s action movie Independence Day. Of course the scene Trump was digitally inserted into was that of the climactic speech given by movie President Whitmore (played by Pullman) on the morning of the battle between the earthlings and aliens in the sci-fi blockbuster.

Clearly this was just Trump hamming up his own larger-than-life reputation as a world leader in charge of combatting the real world pandemic crisis, but Trump-haters, particularly the Hollywood ones, couldn’t take the joke.

Actress Vivica A. Fox didn’t appreciate Trump’s joke. The actress who played Will Smith’s girlfriend in the 90s blockbuster seemed pretty annoyed by it to say the least. She tweeted, “PRETENDING U KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING?? CANT BELIEVE U WOULD INSULT OUR CLASSIC FILM THIS WAY! BUT HEY! TYPICAL POS BEHAVIOR! U NEVER HAD THE LEADERSHIP OR COURAGE TO DO THIS ROLE! NEVER!”

“Insult our classic film?” Sorry, Vivica, it’s just a movie.

Community actress Yvette Nicole Brown couldn’t handle Trump’s joke either, tweeting that it’s a sign of his mental instability. She wrote, “Get help. You need it.”

Actor John Cusack retweeted Trump’s video with the caption, “You’ll enjoy prison.”

West Wing actor and perpetual grouch Bradley Whitford described Trump’s post, tweeting, “When you don’t have what it takes to lead in a crisis, you have to fake it.” Later he retweeted the video, writing, “The people wanted @BarackObama to speak. And he inspired them. @realDonaldTrump got jealous so pretended that he was a hero in an action movie. Sad.”

Independence Day star Bill Pullman even weighed in on Trump’s post, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “My voice belongs to no one but me, and I’m not running for president — this year.”

Trump receives a similar reaction from this crowd every time he posts something humorous. One of his most famous memes, where he superimposed his head over Rocky Balboa’s in a classic shot from the Rocky franchise, brought all sorts of lefty derision last Fall.

All this over a joke. Hollywood really needs to lighten up.