Edie Falco's New Show Spotlights Racist Cops and Evil Gamers

 Edie Falco's New Show Spotlights Racist Cops and Evil Gamers

This season’s new CBS cop show, Tommy, starring Edie Falco of Soprano’s fame, meets woke Hollywood’s required feminist and SJW bullet points. Its police chief, Tommy, is a feminist lesbian and its season premiere even made sure to attack immigration enforcement.

This week’s episode, The Swatting Game, on April 9, went with the mandatory woke portrayal of police officers as nasty racists. For extra points, the episode also presented gamers as villanious misogynists who inherently harrass the better-gaming girls. (Leftists have blamed gamers for the rise of Trump and expressed frustration that gamers will not buy SJW video games.)

The evil gamer is eventually caught, but the racist cops may get away with their cruelty this season because the union is prepared to cover for them in the end. The bigoted police officers unknowingly arrested Tommy’s interracial daughter Kate (Olivia Lucy Phillip). Kate tried to speak up for a black male honor student who was also being wrongfully arrested outside the high school where she teaches. Since Tommy is the Los Angeles Police Chief, she meets with the officers who are accompanied by their union president.

Union President: As president of the union, I am appalled at what’s being done to these officers. 

Legal Counsel: Nothing’s been done, Lou. 

Union President: No? Hauling ’em in here for this completely unjustified interrogation? 

Legal Counsel: Not an interrogation. A conversation.

Tommy:  I just want to understand what happened. Why was Davis Jacobs arrested? 

Officer 1: Ma’am, we observed him trying to break into the school. 

Tommy: His own school?

Officer 1: He couldn’t verify that. Kids lie to us all the time. 

Tommy: You couldn’t go inside and ask somebody? 

Union President: Don’t answer that. 

Tommy: Why was Kate Jones arrested? 

Union President: They are not gonna answer any questions about Kate Jones. 

Tommy: Why not? 

Union President: Because of your obvious bias. The only thing these officers did wrong was they didn’t recognize your daughter. She interfered with the officers in the pursuit of their duties. That’s an arrest. Were they supposed to make sure that she wasn’t a member of your family before they arrested her? 

Tommy: We are here because a 15-year-old honor student was put in cuffs outside his own school. He was roughed up.

Union President: That’s out of line. 

Tommy: He was put in a cell with a 17-year-old charged with attempted murder who sent him to the ER. 

Union President: We’re supposed to do compatibility checks with cellmates now? 

Tommy: All right. What I want to know is this. Would any of this have taken place if Jacobs was white? It’s taken almost 30 years for the LAPD to get rid of this kind of behavior. Now we have the union president patting these boys on the back.

Union President: That’s it, we’re going. You know, you’re not here for us officers. You’re out for yourself. 

Tommy: No, I-I support any officer who does this job the way it’s supposed to be done. 

Union President: The way you supported those swat guys last night with your little apology at the Callas crime scene? Yeah, we all heard that. My eyes are on these guys. They get demoted or transferred as some sort of backdoor retribution, we’re filing suit.

Up until now, the show had hinted at going for the racist police angle, but held back with the even-keeled presence of Tommy’s woke lesbian leadership among the officers. But Hollywood screenwriters cannot resist. Cops must show their true racist stripes when an SJW police chief is not there to watch over them.

In the past year, police officers in places like New York, whose own Democratic mayor implied police are bigoted, have faced regular attacks in their city. The complicated nature of race relations in cities with major crime will never get a fair and nuanced treatment in Hollywood. Law enforcement and the potential victims of crime, both black and white, that they protect deserve better.

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